That's Me

That's Me

Friday, April 27, 2012

Proof That I Don't Always Tell Others What To Do

We are suddenly childless! For the next 2 nights.

Which is a good thing because as I stated earlier, I need a break. It's not exactly the type of break I was looking for 'cause...well...I don't see a cabana boy bringing me a fruity spiked drink with umbrellas & I'm not soaking in a jacuzzi. Nor am I suddenly, blissfully stress free. But, eh, you take what you can get.

Of course, when there's only 2 people in the house, your options for conversation are limited. Either you A) talk to yourself  OR  B) talk to the other person.

Since the hubs was sitting next to me, I decided it would be rude to choose option A. I hate it when people leave me out of conversations & talk as if I'm not even in the room with them. I definitely didn't want to choose the option that would cause hubby to feel bad for being left out. Not to mention he doesn't need any more reason to think I'm crazy.

After the following conversation, he's probably wishing I hadn't chosen option B.

Me: Wanna know my plans for tonight?

Hubby: Sure.

Me: Watch TV all night. No computer. No homework. Nothin'. Just TV.

Hubby: Sounds like a good plan.

Me: Gonna join me?

Hubby: Do I have a choice?

Me: You always have a choice. Which do you prefer, Heaven or Hell?

Hubby: Yeah, I figured that was my choice.

Me: Good or Evil. Which wife do you want to live with tonight? The choice is always yours.

And there's your proof that I don't always tell others what to do. I do give options.

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