That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, April 29, 2012

He'd Be Looking for a Woman Like Me

One of my favorite songs right now is Woman Like You. It's about a guy having a conversation with his wife where she asks him what he would do if he'd never met her.

He answers with all the things he'd be doing: fishing, golfing, eating take out, hanging with the guys, more football. Then he says if he was single he'd be looking for a woman like her.

As the song goes on he tells his wife that he'd get sick of those things & he wouldn't trade his wedding band for a hundred years as a single man. 'Cause he'd be looking for a woman like her.

I asked the hubs, "Why don't you say all of that to me?"

His reply? Not 'he said exactly what I would say' or even 'you know that's how I feel.'

I got: "'Cause if I started it out like, you'd kick my butt before I got to the point that I would be looking for a woman like you. I'd be bruised before I got to the second line."

I can't deny it. He's right. Not that I'd bruise him...well, who am I kidding? The thought is awesome, but I'm not as patient as this guy's wife, waiting to hear that he wouldn't actually prefer the things he'd be doing as a single man.

Lee Brice is cute.

In hubby's defense he does let me know he's got the best, most beautiful, smartest, funniest, most loving, caring wife ever. He may or may not say all of that at once, but that's how I hear it so that's what matters.

And he doesn't even duck & flinch anymore  when he says it. That's gotta mean somethin'.

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