That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prom Eve

One of my beloved Extra Daughters is very intelligent. She really is. That doesn't mean she always does smart things though.

Exhibit A: I'm sitting on Amazing Grace's bed with Extra Daughter, talking about stupid boys, broken hearts, and stupid girls who apparently can't get enough of both. As we are talking about this, Extra Daughter picks up a surge protector & plugs it into itself...
"Why won't it turn on?"

Poor child was so confused. My explanation of electrical currents did nothing to relieve her confusion...can't really blame her on that actually. "But it's electric, why won't it work?"

Exhibit B:

Amazing Grace's bikini top (at least 3 sizes too small for Extra Daughter's boobage), the surge protector around her head, sunglasses, on the phone.

There's really no way to explain the above photo. I was there, watched the entire thing happen, and I still can't explain it. 

If anyone ever wondered what girls do the evening before Prom, while hanging their dresses to get wrinkles out, and checking to see if they need another couple bottles of bronzer, here's your answer.

At least that's what went down in my house Friday night. 

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