That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amazing Grace's Miracle Part I

Last Tuesday I left my children with everyone healthy & happy & no complaints. I went to get my tattoo, visited a friend, then went to a doctor appointment. I came home to show off my tattoos & an hour later my world began to turn upside down.

Amazing Grace had all the signs of appendicitis. Having had it myself & had emergency surgery because my appendix burst, I knew the signs & the urgency. Off to the ER we went.

As the nurse was hooking Amazing Grace up to the blood pressure & heart rate monitor, Amazing Grace looked at it before it was turned on and said:
"Oh! That's showing my chromosomes!"

Even with the worry of a sick child in pain, I could not hold back my laughter. As I laughed till I had tears, Amazing Grace just looked at me wondering if I'd lost my mind. Then she said, "My science teacher will be so proud of me for remembering what my chromosomes are! He should be here."

While we were waiting for the CT scan to be available, they gave Amazing Grace some amazing drugs for the pain. Her pain was uncontrollable at first, which had me almost climbing walls. A Mama Bear just wants her Baby Bear to feel better. Finally they were able to find a good combination of dilaudid & morphine that did the trick for a little while.

It also eased my worry for a while because there was nothing to do but enjoy the entertainment. I'll let you decide if you'd be able to think about anything stressful while watching this:
To be continued...

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