That's Me

That's Me

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Weirdness Never Rests

I have issues with talking in my sleep. And not just talking randomly, but I'll hold conversations, I'll call people, I'll text...I even wrote a very legible email once. I woke up before I sent it & was quite amused at what I was telling the other person & that I'd chosen to say those things in my sleep. Yes, I sent the email & never told them that I wrote it in my sleep.

I think I'm just that good at multi-tasking. I have it down to such a science now & I don't want to waste any second of my day.

This morning the hubs kissed me goodbye while I was sleeping & I told him to catch the ghosts. He said I didn't answer him on which ghosts, but it was a funny way for him to start his day. Whatever I can do to make his day a little bit better.

Last week I woke myself up 'cause I heard yelling. I don't know what I yelled but it was loud & I was sitting up, leaning over hubby, and staring at him. Like a Paranormal Activity kind of staring. Creepy!
Yeah, kinda like that. 

He didn't open his eyes, which is a good thing, 'cause I'm sure seeing your wife leaning over you & staring like that in the middle of the night is something that would take a while to get over. The guy in the above scene was never given a chance to get over it...that might affect how my hubby felt about seeing me doing that.

All hubby did was say, "Bad dream?" I said, "I was in school." He answered, "A nightmare then." Pretty much.

I also give away money in my sleep. This is a new one. I was upset for 3 days looking for a $10 bill that I'd had in my wallet. Hey, we have 6 is a rare commodity so I know when it goes missing. 3 whole days I was wondering where that money went.

Finally we find out that while I was asleep, a certain child asked for $5.00 for something she had to pay for at school. I told her to go in my wallet, take the $10, & keep the extra for a snack at lunch. And there were other children as witnesses to this. And my eyes were open.

I think I'm creeping my own self out now.

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