That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Discrimination I Tell Ya!

I am one of those lucky bitches who doesn't need to wear foundation to even out skin tone or cover zits or anything else. I have nice skin. Yay for genes!

I also have  dark circles under my eyes & I'm sick of comments about being tired. Of course I'm tired. I'm a Mom of 27 children (or something like that). I'm a nursing student. Forget about the rest of my life, those 2 things alone make me forget what sleep is.

Being the vain person that I am, I decided I need to do something to at least not look as tired as I am. So off to the cosmetics section of the store I go. Only to return a sad woman.

I know I'm white. I know I'm the whitest shade of white there is. I'm Irish, I'm a red head, I'm see through. Pale is the new tan, yo! But is it really necessary to point it out by discriminating against the transparent types?

Do they really have to make it so difficult for me by having the lightest shade of "ivory" still be too dark for my skin? All the brands of makeup, expensive to cheap, and I seriously can't find a color that doesn't make my face look like I belong on Jersey Shore? I don't want to have a fake color on my body. I don't want my face darker than my neck.

Really, makeup maker people, is it that hard to match my skin tone? I'm not ivory, I'm not light ivory...I'm transparent. Take the ingredients of your foundation & just don't put color in it, maybe? I don't know but you better figure it out because having strangers laugh & tell me good luck while I'm holding different foundations in my hand is just not right.

You can even call this new color Vampire for all I care.

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