That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Key is Saying it With a Straight Face

Tonight at supper I had hubby going between thinking I was crazy & wondering if he was crazy for marrying me.

Our conversation about rock climbing turned into:

Hubby: " Colorado people would go to rock climb..."

Me: "Mount Everest?"

Hubby: "No. On this continent."

Me: "What map did you study? Mount Everest is in Colorado."

Hubby: "What is wrong with you? This continent, dear."

Me: "Why do you keep saying 'this continent'? I know where Mount Everest is."

Hubby: "Okay, I was talking about this continent, not Mount Everest."

Me: "The Alps are also in Colorado."

Hubby: "Okay. Yup."

Me: "Yup. Down the road from Mount Everest, but Mount Everest isn't a part of the Alps. Do you know where Mount Rushmore is?"

Hubby: blank stare (but I know he was thinking about ways to thank me for this education)

Me: "Sweden."

Hubby: "Okay. We studied different maps."

Me: "What did they teach you in Germany? To pick your nose?"

Hubby: "No, we studied Vanilla Ice."

Me: "Vanilla Ice was after that time."

Hubby: "Okay, Milli Vanilli."

Me: "I don't believe that's what they taught you in German schools. Milli Vanilli wasn't in the 90's. Did you study the Beatles? 'Cause that's who came out in the 90's."

Hubby: "Um, yeah...?"

Me: "I figured Germany would make sure they're studied since that's where they're from."

Hubby: "They're British."

Me: "What?? No, you're confused. My men Paul, Ringo, and Jim Belushi are from Germany."

Hubby: "Jim Belushi wasn't a Beatle. And they're British."

Me: "Wow, those German schools failed you."

I never did find out about the cool rock climbing spot (I do know he was not talking about any mountain) near where he lived that he was going to tell me about.
This is Mt. Everest...if you're new here, I do not think Mt. Everest is in Colorado. Or any of the other crap I told hubby at dinner. Sometimes I'm just bored & this is the result.

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