That's Me

That's Me

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ah, My Day

Today was quite the joyous occasion in one of my classes. We finally were able to be up close & personal with the cadavers. We were going to play with  study on dead people. Whoo hoo! Apparently it's not normal to be that excited about digging around inside people's bodies...who knew! I mean, we are nursing students. Isn't this the fun part? It's no longer just a picture in a book or a piece of plaster of paris all neatly laid out. This is the real thing, baby.

So as we're getting ready to go to the cadavers, the instructor is preparing us for what we're about to see & said, "There's a lot of you & only one of me so please watch out for each other." I'm thinking, "Because we're going to be on fork lifts?" But that wasn't why. So it's a good thing I didn't say that out loud.

She continued with, "If you notice your neighbor is getting weak kneed, turning green or pale, don't wait for me to notice. Help that person out to the hall."

I wanted to be helpful so I announced, "Please don't mistaken my natural color for pallor & rush to save me from fainting. I'm always this shade of pale."

I was thanked for saving them the hassle of having to monitor me. Anything I can do to help my fellow classmates, that's me.

After I came home from class, we must have all been channeling The Good Ol' Days, because we somehow ended up around the piano. A child was playing, then hubby was playing, then hubby was playing with a different child, then hubby was playing while yet another child (man, that's not even all of the children & it already sounds like a lot of 'em) was practicing her solo ensemble piece. It was very old-fashioned, warm fuzzy, love my family feeling. Yeah, believe it or not, I do feel that way about family time. And sometimes it's even about time with my own family.

This is what we looked like tonight. Except that we aren't old. Or grey. Or making faces that look like we're holding in a whole ton of gas. And there were children. 

After all the festivities, I was in my favorite studying spot, The Bedroom, munching away on my Peanut Butter Crunch when the worst possible thing happened. I ate 2 handfuls & reached in the box for my third handful &...Cap'n Crunch Dust. Nooooo!! But that's not the worst thing to happen. The worst was that my secret stash of Butterfingers & Reese's was empty too.

Did you hear me? I ran out of peanut buttery goodness!! How did I ever let this happen?

So I texted hubby, "Emergency!!" I'm in The Bedroom, he's in The Living Room. In our house, that's merely feet away. Not a long journey. In fact I could have just said his name and he probably would have heard me just fine. But that would have been a waste of a perfectly good Smart Phone.

The good husband came running. I thought he would think I fell & broke a bone (not terribly unlikely considering I've broken both thumb toes, my pelvis, and my tail bone).

I was oh so wrong. "Need water?" Okay, I have never texted him about a water emergency before but in his defense I do drink a lot of water. And he does a very good job of keeping me well-hydrated while I'm studying.

"No, I ate all my peanut butter Cap'n Crunch & I don't have a Butterfinger or Reese's."

To this the hubs said, "Really? That's your emergency? I'll bring you a jar of peanut butter & a spoon."

"Okay, um, no, I want peanut butter layered with just a wee bit of chocolate in a cupcake wrapper or balled up in crunchiness."

Hubby said, "You're lucky you're capable of driving to the gas station to get yourself a candy bar." Say what?

I know, right?! He actually said that! And then he dared to grab a Twix bar and throw it at me as he walked out of the bedroom.

I know! I still can't get over it.

I informed him that caramel Twix is NOT a substitute for peanut butter. He actually said, "It's close enough." On what planet is caramel & crunchy center the same as peanut butter? Um, not mine!
Definitely NOT filled with peanut butter, dear.

Then he laughed evilly as he walked out of the room. Super evilly. And I have a huge bruise from where the Twix hit me in the eye & I'm wearing an eye patch to keep that eyeball from falling out of my head. People are going to stare at it & I'm not going to be afraid to tell them how I was abused with a caramel-crunchy-gooey candy bar.

Okay, that last paragraph was all a lie, but whatever. I'm over it.

It's all good though because I got him back. When he was playing his little video game, I asked him if he was coming to bed because it was 11:30. He was absolutely astonished that it was so late & immediately shut down the game...yeah...I'm sure it was 11:30 somewhere but it sure as heck wasn't that late here. When he saw that it was only 10, I said, "Ah, close enough. Just like Twix is close enough to Reese's."

Poor guy never saw it coming.

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