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That's Me

Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Night With 'Once Upon A Time'

The hubs & I were watching Once Upon A Time...only the best new show ever...if you're awesome, you were watching it tonight too. Our last totally-addicted-must-watch-weekly show was Big Love. The fact that one of the actresses from Big Love is in Once Upon A Time is just the cheese on the macaroni for us. I don't like icing & I really don't like it on cake, so if I said she's the icing on the cake, that would be a really bad thing, which she isn't. 

Here's our running conversation, just to prove how totally normal we are. 'Cause I know everyone has conversations like this...

Hubby: "I want to know what she threw down the lion shaft last week."

Me: "Did you just say lion shaft?"

Hubby: "Did I?"

Me: "You totally did."

Hubby: "In my head, it sounded like mine shaft. Sometimes my brain is not connected to my tongue bone."

Me: "Tongue bone?...Okay...Just as long as we're on the same page that there is no lion shaft."

Hubby: "The esophagus."

Me: ...pause...

Hubby: "That holds the lion's tail on."

Me: "The esophagus is nowhere near the lion's tail."

Hubby: "I was just thinking of long things. Esophagus is long. Tail is long. So I made them go together."

Me: "When I'm thinking of long things, the esophagus is not the first thing I think of..." giggle 'cause, yes, we are 12 years old


Hubby: "Wow, he has a nice smile."

Me: "Yeah, he does. Wow." drooling

Hubby: "You like that, huh?"

Me: "He's not my type, but dang, he can smile at me any time."

Hubby: "What does that mean that I know what a good smile on a guy is?"

Me: "Yup."


Hubby: "Does this eye mask look less girly than the pink & black one you gave me before?"

Me: "No."

Hubby: "No?? How can a white eye mask look as girly as a pink & black one with glitter?"

me giggling 'cause I bought him that sparkly pink eye mask & made him wear it, even though I also bought a white one the same day...and waited to give him the white one for a couple weeks...watching him put that pink eye mask on every night, totally worth the $6.00

Me: "It's on you."

Hubby: "So because it's on me, it looks girly?"

Me: "Dear, you're wearing an eye mask, you pronounce it 'eye-ther' instead of 'ee-ther', & you just commented on another man's smile. And you have to ask if the eye mask is girly. You're fruity."

Hubby: "I can notice a nice smile on another man without being fruity."

Me: listing names of some men..."they wouldn't comment on a man's nice smile."

Hubby: "That makes me a confident male."

Me: "That makes you fruity."

Hubby: "I'm not a fruit. You told me I'm an avocado."

Me: "Avocados are fruits. Like tomatoes are fruits. Google it."

Hubby: "I'm not a fruit."

Me: "You're fruity."

P.S. The hubs wears the eye mask to block out the light from the TV, which I have always slept with. Just because I'm nice enough to make a comfortable sleeping arrangement for the man, doesn't mean I won't make fun of him for it. 

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