That's Me

That's Me

Monday, December 5, 2011

Watson + Garland = Love At First Sight

We were doing some Christmas/winter decorating tonight & my 12 year old decided to hang the "garment." Do I sense a new family tradition where every year we must hang garment & reminisce about the year #3 child used the wrong word for garland?

Daughter got a little carried away with the garment...
Yeah...I'm a special edition Bronco tree.

Nemo the cat is very lazy. Her only purpose in life is to be pretty. She sleeps 23 1/2 hours a day, and if she gets any less than that, she lets you know. Oh, boy, that girl can give the looks. She doesn't play. She sleeps, eats, poo's. And begs for water from the bathroom sink. 

Sophie the cat doesn't know she's a cat. Really. The vet said so when I asked her WTF was wrong with my cat. She thinks she's a person. We've had her since was 3 weeks old & this summer we had to do therapy with her so that she would let us pet her. I couldn't make this stuff up. Only my pet would not realize she's an actual animal. She's never been real playful because well, for 2 years her only role model was Nemo (see: last paragraph). 

Watson G the cat...he is oh so naughty. naughty. After 9 years of prissy, pretty cat & then the human-cat, I wanted a playful cat. Oh, crap, please watch what you pray for. He's so stinkin' lucky he's cute. He also reminds me why other people don't have trees when they have kittens. Even 25 pound monster kittens that look like mountain lions. 

Our night started off nicely enough with a lasagna dinner. When out of the corner of my eye I see Watson the cat running like his tail on fire...with garland (or garment as it will forever be known in our home) in his mouth. He had found a little piece of garland peeking out of the storage bucket & he thought the shiny stuff was a great new toy Mommy was hiding on him. He was running so happily until the lid of the bucket fell back down on top of the other end of the garland. Watson stopped so short, there are skid marks on my carpet. Little kitty paw skid marks. His head snapped back & forth, like a bobble head. When he stopped bobbling & his paws cooled off, he slowly turned to look back at the garland trail behind him. He turned around, walked up the trail with a look of, "What. Did. You. Just do to me??" Poor Watson. Poor, poor Watson. The story doesn't end there. 

Watson picked up the garland & ran again. Got to the same spot in the carpet, the garland was pulled out of his mouth, his head bobbled 6 times, smoke came from his paws. He gave another dirty look to the garland, but the boy isn't stupid, he left it alone. 

Until...hours later, the garland is hung up. I'm in my bedroom, when I hear a rustling...

This is going to be a very long Christmas season.

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