That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh, How I've Let Things Go

There are signs everywhere that final exams cause me to neglect the necessities of life. My priorities got all out of whack & I'm so distraught over what has happened while I was buried in text books.

My DVR is full. I have no idea what is going on in the Kardashian or Teen Mom worlds. The Hoarders have not cleaned up their disgusting houses, the 16 year olds haven't had their babies, the Sister Wives are not able to flaunt their awesome sense of fashion, and no one is going crazy in Suburgatory. I'm ashamed to admit that something else came before my TV addiction. I'm even more ashamed to admit that I have not seen Ellen dance in a very long time.

People Weekly & Cosmo are piling up. I have a serious magazine library growing. And now it's all old news. I don't know who in Hollywood is pregnant, coming out of the closet, sleeping in the wrong bed, or going to jail for 17 minutes. I don't know the newest makeup or sex tips. I will be letting everyone down at Christmas parties when I have no big news to share.

Unread texts sitting on my phone. I have not forwarded any of the naked dancing Santa cartoons or "You're the only gift I want this year, if I get this back I know you love me" texts I got this month. Now my friends who sent them to me think I don't love them. My heart breaks at the thought of that.

No knock knock, mofo. I have no idea what The Bloggess & Victor are arguing over or what Beyonce is up to. I have an empty spot in my heart waiting to be filled with news of the latest awesome items The Bloggess bought to make Victor speechless.

My cats are punishing me. Watson walks around crying until I get home, refusing to be comforted by anyone else in the family. No one else shares their dinner with him; thank goodness finals are over so the danger of Watson withering away is over.
Tonight I laid down & Nemo decided that since I hadn't given her enough attention lately, she would make sure I noticed her.
 That is the first time Nemo has ever laid on my head. She has laid next to my head but never on it. She wouldn't move & fell asleep there.
"If I had wanted to get off your head, I would have moved myself. You dared move me, now you shall die in your sleep."

The dog has lost his mind. 
"Pet me on muh bellay or I will tell a cat to kill you in your sleep."

Gerard is crying. 
He is such an understanding man & respects that sometimes I just don't have time for him, but it still makes him sad. He hurts so much when we are apart for so long.

I fear what else would be going on if I had taken more credits than I did this semester. Don't worry, my shows, Ellen, pets, bloggers, trashy magazines, friends...I'm back. And Gerard, baby, you can stop crying. The semester is over.

And now that I've gone through & put my priorities back into place...maybe I should make sure my kids have eaten lately... 

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