That's Me

That's Me

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Teacher Will Be So Happy to See the End of This Semester

I am very happy to announce that Mr. Meanie Pants changed his mind. Or rather his boss changed his mind for him.

Future instructors, let this be a warning. Eddi Girl does not take crap from anybody.

I have dealt with discrimination, hostility, and downright assiness (like my new word?) from this instructor this semester. I put up with it & kept counting down the days until the semester was over. I sucked it up & went to class every week knowing that at the end of the semester I would let them know all he'd done.

When he told me to grow front of a room full of people...for asking a question...I knew it was time to let it out. Did you know deans don't like to hear that instructors are doing these things? And did you know that if you call the school, no matter who you get on the phone will immediately connect you to the correct person if you use big words like "discriminatory" and "inappropriate behavior"?

I typed up a 5-page report of all the things he'd done to me over the semester. Within a few hours of sending it to his boss, my instructor sent an email saying he'd changed his mind & I was free to use a country song. When he told me not to get pissy & I said, "I don't get pissy; I get even" I meant it.

It is a fact that the song that I've always considered the soundtrack to my life is a country song. It's There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney. A song about a teen parent who realizes the surprise pregnancy was the best thing to ever happen. 

But now...On Wednesday...I'm thinking I'm going to play this song...

Van Halen's Hot For Teacher. Just to mess with him.

Like you expected anything else from me.

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