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That's Me

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Folding Socks: It's Not Brain Surgery, People

I have made up my matter how cute a guy is, he is not allowed to fold my socks. I have never met a man who knows how to fold socks properly. And the man I married is no exception.

I was folding socks today & the hubs decided to be helpful & came over to assist. It's like this new thing where we do things together. I think the hubs read it somewhere that wives like that. Whatever.

So I'm picking up each sock & looking through the 2,871 other socks in the basket to find a match. If I don't find it, I hang it off the side of the basket waiting to see if the twin appears. This makes sense, correct? Apparently it doesn't make sense to a certain person in my household.

This is what the hubs did: pick up sock, put on side of basket, pick up next sock, put on top of sock on side of basket, repeat, repeat, repeat. I had a pile of random socks stacked on top of each other, hanging off the side of my basket, for no reason. Why? Because he "has a system."

Seriously? A system of not looking at other socks to see if it matches any? A system of stacking socks so you can't see what they look like to be able to see if they match any? Nice system, lil boy.

I picked up his system, found matches within the system, then threw them back in the basket. He didn't like that. 'Cause apparently it's easier to find matches if the socks are stacked on top of each other instead of spread out in a basket...?

He is no longer allowed to do that particular activity with me, near me, or in the same room as me. It's that annoying.

Oh...and about his folding abilities...they suck. He hates how I fold socks. Like with a passion, hates it. I fold the tops down, leaving the foot part free so that when you grab a pair, you know what they look like. He folds them all into a this big giant ball. So that when you grab a pair, you have to unfold them to see which pair they are, refold them when it's the wrong pair, unfold the next ones...until you find the socks you need. I mean, I'm not going to wear a pair of black socks with a pattern on them if I'm wearing pin-striped pants, right?

Why waste my time when I'm getting dressed by balling the socks so I can't see which ones they are? Duh.

He hates my sock folding, yet he's the one who has frequently worn Grinch covered socks to work because when they were folded in a ball he thought they were his black dress socks.

Who's the idiot sock folder now?

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