That's Me

That's Me

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Confession

I have a confession. Even though I am all about not comparing myself to other people or trying to look like other women, there is one thing I am always trying to achieve. There is one set of things, actually. I notice them on other women and sometimes men, I point out a great set, and I compare mine to others that I see in magazines. Over the years the search for the perfect pair has become a true obsession.

Today's confession: I have issues with eyebrows. Those close to me are 
probably deeply sick of this odd obsession. It started years and years ago when a friend made a comment about my eyebrows, literally 2 seconds before attacking me with tweezers. She did a horrible job and I cried on the inside. My hair stylist fixed them the next day and all was right in my world. 

Then one day, months later, I was in my stylist's chair completely unaware that I was about to have my Eyebrow World shattered again. Laying back, eyes closed, enjoying that soothing feeling of paper against now-cooled wax pulling hairs out of my face by their roots, when the room suddently became quiet. I opened my eyes to see a piece of paper, held just above my forehead by that sadist's hand. Half of my eyebrow was on that paper. She had waxed off half of my left eyebrow and left me with a curve of a tail. 

This moment did not call for crying on the inside. Oh, no. I cried on the outside. I had a comma above my left eye! That calls for not only tears but full on sobbing while gasping for breath. While everyone else in the place stared silently, thanking God that it wasn't them that would be walking out with a punctuation mark on their face. 

It gets better. She offered to make them match. When I completely Prince Faced her, she said, "Guess I shouldn't have had those 4 drinks before you came in." Say what now? I fired her. She cried. I'm sure she had more to drink to get over it.
Prince Face.
Found a new stylist who helped me grow out that eyebrow. She's done my hair and eyebrows for 9 years now and I've been happy. But a very bad thing happened this summer. She went on vacation and didn't even think to schedule her vacation around my eyebrow needs. 

I had my nail girl do my them. She gave me sperm eyebrows, and not only that but they were about 1/2 of the length of normal eyebrows and very thin. I did not cry this time. I just stared in the mirror. How does someone think this is how another person wants to look?

Back to growing them out and watching my obsession grow along with them. A few weeks ago, on a whim, I stopped into a threading place and got my eyebrows threaded. That was intense. The results were amazing. 
Now that I have achieved the eyebrows I've been wanting, I'd like to believe my obsession has ended. Time will tell.

Yesterday a patient said, "I have to say, your eyebrows are on fleek." I was happier than I should have been. I have finally achieved the On Fleek Eyebrows. 

Watson wanted to get in on showing the world my eyebrows. He very much enjoyed our selfie session. His face doesn't show it but the crazy loud purr told me so. 

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