That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Watson & the Knitting Bucket

I have shared pictures of Watson with my knitting before. Like every cat, he loves when I knit. If "loves" means that he wants to stop the yarn that is going from the ball to the knitting needles or trying to eat the needles because he hates the click . I solved his annoying me while knitting by getting a yarn bucket. I have no memory of what it's really called. I bought it on my shopping spree that I got courtesy of the Joann's gift card my in-laws gave me for Christmas and I love it.

The yarn goes in. The bucket gets shut. The yarn comes out the top while I knit. He doesn't even pay attention to it anymore and I don't have to knot pieces together after he bites through it when I'm not near my knitting. 

Well, it took him almost a year, but he finally noticed. 

"My beloved yarn is 
coming out of this thing. 
I want!"

Enjoy this short film. 

And then, in a weird turn of events, Watson decided he didn't just want to play with this yarn. He wanted to love it. He has never, ever kneaded and nursed on any of my knitting...until now. Apparently Alpaca wool is very special in Watson World.  


All wrapped up in his love for Alpaca
wool. See what I did there? 
"Whatchou lookin' at??"

"And I will roll on my back &
take it with me.
'Cause that's cute."

He's actually nursing and kneading
on it. So weird. 

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