That's Me

That's Me

Monday, September 29, 2014

Homecoming 2014

With 3 kids in high school this year, I knew we would be hit hard by the TP Fairies, but it ended up being even more impressive than I'd imagined. 

Ginger Girl had let Zipper out at 9:00 and saw guys jumping over our fence, with another guy walking on the fence. They saw her and jumped back over, got in their car, and drove away. An hour later, Zipper whined at the door, and once again, guys were caught. This time they were hiding in our garden, where they actually weren't even seen until they yelled, "Oh, crap, get out again!" And they were seen jumping over the 6' fence. 

Sometime between then & midnight when Amazing Grace got home, they hit our front yard and Boy Teenager's car. Sometime after that they hit our back yard because we woke up to all of the following glory...

There are TP-wrapped logs from
the fire pit on the front steps.
Flower baskets were moved from
the fence to random places.

Nothing was spared.

Right outside bedroom
windows. Sneaky little fairies.

Amazing Grace proved it was
impossible to walk through
the front yard without getting
tangled in the TP.

She doesn't typically
dress like an old
woman for school. 
Seniors had to dress like
old people that day.
Simply awesome. 

The TP Fairies moved the stump-stools from our fire
pit to various, random places in the yard. 
Trails of TP.

They not only disassembled
our fire pit to put burnt wood
on the lawn mower, but added
stump-stools and items from
the recycling can. 

Before I got the picture, someone removed
the bike that the TP Fairies had placed on top of
the clothes line.

The wheel barrow and bike in this picture
had actually been found on Boy Teenager's car
in the morning. 

I thought this was a rock when I
found it next to the garbage
can, wrapped in TP.
The "rock"  is a skull with 1 horn
and tags. I have no idea why
this would be included in TP'ing.

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