That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Half of My Children...

...are now missing the same body parts. The 3rd out of the 6 kids just had her tonsils out. 

Little Blondie being wheeled
to the OR.

She wanted to do All The Fun Things yesterday and discovered it's not that easy. She finally gets what this "easing into it" that I was talking about means. She was doing fine all day until about 4:00 when we noticed her slowing down and not looking as perky. I drugged her up and told her to come in my room where she could hang out with me while I studied and she could rest. 

I let her watch TV, a rare treat during the day in our house (unless you've had a body part removed), so that she wouldn't be thinking about what she was missing outside. I even gave her the remote and I don't relinquish that often. 

TV & Daddy's spot in bed? Tcha.
What else can they take out of me
'cause this ain't so bad.

About 20 minutes later, she turned the volume down and said she was sleepy. I watched her eyes close and then went back to my homework. I have no idea how I got so absorbed in that  horrible   ridiculous  lengthy,  absurd   unnecessary   no good  informative research  piece of sh paper  that was only assigned to ensure that whatever time we had left after our other homework and classes was not used for an actual life but at some point this happened.  

The end of my bed.
On my backpack. With my Comfy
Blanket & Watson.
Sound asleep.

I hope she heals quickly. It's hard to watch one of your children be in pain. 

And I want my stuff back.

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