That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Whole Bunch of Louies!

Before you read this post, you need to sit down. For real. Sit down. If you don't have a chair handy, just plop right down on that floor. Even if it's covered in cat hair and Legos. 

Okay, now that you're sitting, you may be ready for this.

Friday afternoon, hubby surprised me with tickets to the zoo to pet the sting rays! I wrote about my life long desire to touch sting rays here so feel free to read that. To make it short though, I have wanted to touch, swim with, and feed sting rays for almost my entire life. I was excited when I got a stuffed sting ray Louie because I figured that was the closest I'd get to having my own pet sting ray. 

So Saturday I got to see the traveling sting ray exhibit that lets you pet them! For real. And now, without any further delay, I give you pictures of me petting real life Louies. 

Look how small my hand is on this guy!
I named him Papa Louie. He liked his name.

This guy liked to scare me by  sucking
my fingers into his mouth.
Little booger.

I painted my nails a metallic
color because I was sure they
would be attracted to it...

I was right.
Or they just love me.

This guy was a total show off.
"Look how fast I can flip my
flapper at you & get you wet!"

I love Papa Louie!

Ms. Menopause in 90* humid August.
That's not water making my hair wet.
Soaking myself in the pleasant weather
was totally worth it to cross this off
my Bucket List! 

I got Louie a friend.
My own Papa Louie!

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