That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Take on Legally Purchasing Pot

Every morning I wake up to Good Morning America. I have done this since I moved into my own house oh so many moons ago. Ginger Girl will often want to lay with me and watch GMA in the morning while she slowly wakes up.

Yesterday, they were talking about Washington's huge news of the week: it is now legal to purchase weed for recreational purposes. Ginger Girl says in her sleepy little voice, "I think it's stupid that they're making it not illegal anymore." 

I asked her, "Why's that, punkin?" I was curious what an 11 year old would have to say on this controversial matter.

She said, "Because now people who don't believe in it are going to get high from other people's smoke just from being around them." Interesting thought. I was considering what to say to her about this when she went on to say, "The people who make the laws are going to be high now so the new laws won't make any sense." 

Now that's an argument I hadn't thought of nor heard before. 

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