That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hot Dog in the Pool

Not this kind.
Zipper knows how to be entertaining and get all of the attention. While enjoying our pool with my girlies, I looked over to see this series of events occuring under the boat...

He dug himself a little hole to cool off in and no matter how much we called his name, he only looked at us like we were the stupid ones for not finding the spot first. He was not givin' up that spot so we could take it from him. 

When Zipper finally came out for a drink of water, Ginger Girl decided he needed to cool off in the pool with everyone else. 

Showing of his mad
doggie paddle skillz.
Just cruisin' 
around the pool.

Ginger Girl with her baby.

I have never before seen a dog continue to swim when they are out of the water the way that Zipper does.

He seems to enjoy the pool a lot more than the cats do.

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