That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Kitty Pot Survived Evil Winter!

While I was upset over losing chocolate mint, rosemary, & basil, the cats were all worried that their Precious didn't survive the Evil Winter. Yesterday, while working in the herb garden, Lennon was very happy to find that the catnip not only survived but has taken over half of the garden. I had to work around him while he was lounging in the luxurious aroma so that I could prune the mass of catnip before it choked out the orange mint and, as Ginger Girl calls it, mint mint (regular, non-chocolate, non-citrus mint).  

After working in the herbs, I came in to Watson. I gave him a few pieces of catnip and then got mauled by Fat Cat for the serious offense of having the scent on my hands and clothes. 

I present to you Watson, high on kitty pot. 

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