That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blondie's Artistic View

Ginger Girl & I had so much fun planting a ton of flowers, vegetables, & herbs this weekend. Sadly, Evil Winter 2014 killed 3 of the herbs in my garden. Apparently they just were not strong enough to withstand the nasty -50* days we had. The one the kids were especially sad over losing was the chocolate mint, so I had strict orders to replace that. No fear, it has been replaced, as well as the basil. If anyone has some rosemary they need to weed out, I would gladly take a donatation to my replacement efforts. 

I'm not happy about the late start my garden got, but it couldn't be helped. Everyone got a late start due to the late thawing out & drying up of everything. Hopefully this doesn't mean that I will be making my first fresh arugula salad in September & first batch of salsa in October. I love gardening--planting, watching the new plants sprout up, weeding to make the plants happy, and seeing the literal fruits of the labor. Even digging in the manure that our neighbor very sweetly brought from her brother's farm for me, knowing that my plants will be so happy to have it, is fun to me. Hubby, though, was rather not thrilled at the idea of having a trailer of poo brought to our yard. Then he was rather repulsed at me patting it down on my plants with my bare hands. This is one of the times when I am reminded that a city boy married a country girl. 

Between the many (many!) annuals we planted, the perennials that are blooming in all my flowerbeds, the lilacs in full bloom, and the flowering crabapples, my favorite place to be right now is in my yard. It's all so beautiful and smells amazing. 

It made perfect sense when Blondie asked me yesterday evening if she could use my camera. Before she said why, I knew she was headed out to photograph the flowers. With the almost 100 pictures she took, it was difficult to narrow it down to which to share here. 

Blondie finds art in
everything. A blade
of grass...
...a pool of water on a leaf...

...puffy stuff.

She took over 50 pictures of my favorite,
Lily of the Valley.

Hubby's favorite.
Our massive lilac bush.

I have a ton of Fuschias this year thanks to Ginger Girl. As soon as we walked into the greenhouse--just down the street from us & my absolute favorite place to get plants, they are amazing!--she walked straight for them & had a huge smile on her face. I just knew we had to get some Fuschias, as well as her absolute favorite,"pink and yellow Begonias, Mom!"

What I didn't realize was that while there I would decide to pick up multiples of every color of Fuschia they had. I made 4 hanging pots and bought 1 of their premade ones. They're just so beautiful & I love the way that Blondie captured them in her photographs.

Hanging down
the side of the fence...

...looking up at the sky...

...dark purple in the foreground
& light purple in the



...with the sun shining down.

Summer is in full swing at the Eddi household with all the bright colors & Blondie has captured it perfectly for me. 

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