That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Time to Be Proud of Me aka My GPA

I start back to school tomorrow. The last couple of days of my vacation have been spent getting my supplies ready--notebooks, highlighters, pens, white-out, new desk set up, files and links updated on my laptop, ebooks downloaded & files synced to my lovely new netbook, class schedule into my calendar as well as the family calendars, people in my house informed of when they can expect to be Mother-less. I've also had to get my head & my family members' heads prepared for the transition from Mom on Vacation to Mom in School.

I'm preparing myself for increased caffeine, reduced sleep, & non-existent social life.

While sorting reports I've written for various classes, deciding which ones I need to keep for future reference and which are worthless, I realized I hadn't looked at my GPA in...oh...a few semesters. I stopped all the fun (for real, I love organizing & I drool over new office/school supplies) to read that handy dandy piece of paper.

That's what a 4.0 GPA looks like, folks. 

I'm a wee bit proud of myself. That number right there shows that I'm not the stupid person abusive people in my past have tried to drill into my head that I am, I'm a very hard worker, I'm able to do more than I give myself credit for, & gosh darn it, people like me. 

Okay, that number doesn't represent the last part of that statement, but I was beginning to sound too Stuart Smalley for my own comfort. 

This going to school, taking textbooks with me so that I can study during breaks at kids' sports & school activities, foregoing sleep so that I can talk to & be with my kids when they need me to be, missing people I used to regularly see, & only seeing hubby late at night...I'm not spreading myself too thin or having to decide between being a great student or a great parent/spouse. I'm doing both. Just look at my thriving family--the hubs & the kids--who are my biggest supporters and congratulated me on my hard work. 

I couldn't have done it without their support, love, & faith in me.  


  1. You just showed the haters what you're made of, Eddi!

  2. I always knew how incredibly smart you were!!! You don't need a piece of paper to tell you you're smart!!! It's a nice little shove in the face of the people who didn't think so though!

  3. Congratulations, eddi! Idk how you do it. U've got so much going on and you got a 4.0. Nursing School is the hardest thing i've ever done. U're an inspiration to me because if you can do it with 6 kds i know i can do nursing school and make it through. Whenever i get frustrated wth my nursing schl schedule i think about u and how much u do.

  4. Thank you, A Friend, Michelle, and Anonymous! I appreciate all the support and love.


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