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That's Me

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prom Dresses

Amazing Grace went prom dress shopping months ago and I've been waiting until now to post pictures from the day. She went with Extra Daughter to get an idea of what she liked...and what she very much did not like...and they sent pictures to me of each one Amazing Grace tried on. After she narrowed it down, Amazing Grace & I went shopping together and made the final decision. 


The bright color looks
great with her skin.
Her face says
Did I just get a glimpse
of her as a bride?

Not fancy enough.
You can't tell at all
how much she likes
this one, can you?
"I want it this
poufy. Mhmm."

She likes it.
I do not.
This is one that takes my
breath away.


I had a wee bit of sticker shock when I discovered that Junior Prom dresses are $450.00 & up, no matter where you go. Hubby's still recovering from his shock, poor guy. Of course there are cheaper, not as fancy, made for other grades, dresses but looking at them, you can tell they aren't Junior Prom dresses. They look like just another party dress. You're only a Junior once & I want to make this such a special day for her, so it was worth it.

I bought 18 yards of tulle to add to the dress we chose (not shown here of course) so that she could have the princess dress she wanted. Amazing Grace had to stand on a chair while Blondie helped her hold the top skirt up to her head, hubby & Ginger Girl wound the tulle around her & held it in place, & I sewed it in place. By the time we were done with our sewing assembly line, she had the poufy dress she wanted & looks like a Barbie cake.

This girl is so lucky her Mama is a seamstress, I tell ya. One lady was advertising $25.00 a layer to put in tulle. It would have been $500 extra just for the look Amazing Grace wanted. Good Lord! I did it in a few hours & it cost me $20. I should offer my services next prom season & charge $5 a layer. I'd make a killing.

Prom is this Saturday & I still haven't hemmed her dress. Nothin' like waiting till the last minute. We were waiting for Amazing Grace's shoes that she ordered to get here & then throw in her crazy busy schedule & mine, & tonight is the only day we've had to get it done. Back on the chair Amazing Grace goes.

I am so excited for this Saturday & to see my daughter with the rest of the prom court. They're going to be a beautiful bunch of people. 

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