That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Little Blondie!

Little Blondie turned 9 on Saturday. Having 2 Birthdays in 1 week gives us lots to celebrate and lots of weight to gain from each of their cakes.

"Ooh, one of the
cake roses. Yum!"

Some of the kids weren't home on Saturday to celebrate Little Blondie's Birthday with her, so we waited until Sunday when we could all celebrate together. Saturday night she went to celebrate her Birthday with her 2 cousins, Auntie, Grandma, & Grampa. My kids are so lucky to be so close to my in-laws, niece, & nephew. It makes me so happy to see how much they enjoy being with each other.

Little Blondie got super filthy playing outside on Sunday & had to take a shower before we could do her Birthday, so she's not as decked out in the pictures as she would be. Actually, she's in jammies and her hair is still wet, but when a kid knows it's time to celebrate & focus on them, they don't want to wait for their hair to be done or to go back & change into clothes.

"Nobody saw me eat with my fingers,

I don't know what is going on here but 
it looks like she's deep in thought.

Of course, none of the Birthday gifts I ordered arrived in time for either Ginger Girl's or Little Blondie's Birthdays. Even though they were ordered a month ago & I was sure that was plenty of time to ship them by their Big Days. Oh well, that just means they get to celebrate all over again when they get to open their gifts. 

So, Little Blondie, the youngest of our bunch, is 9. She's really growing up & showing us what a responsible little lady she wants to be. She's empathetic, loving, caring, & works hard to show what she's capable of. I love that she  wants to work on her handwriting, reading, & math with me & asks if we can do an hour of each instead of the required 20 minutes that is on her daily chart--even better is when we get done with an hour & she looks at me & asks, "Already?" Not only does she want to spend time with me, but she loves showing what she's capable of. I love hanging up her hard work so the entire family can tell her how awesome she did when they each walk past it. I'm so lucky to have her in my life & I'm pretty darn thankful for that little girl. 

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  1. You're such a great mom! I love reading about what you have to say about your kids and what you do with them.


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