That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Game Time!

I'm going to draw a picture in your mind. Play along with me, if you dare.

You are sitting with your family, everyone smiling & complimenting each other. All 8 of you. You are of course wearing your daily dress of skirt & pearls, hubby is in his cardigan & dress slacks, & children are equally as beautifully dressed, because no one in your home would dare to look less than their best at all times.

Someone says, "Let's play that game where you guess words." So you go on your merry way, humming a cheery tune, a smile on your face because you're so full of love for your perfect little family. You reach into the perfectly organized cupboard & immediately locate the game that was suggested, because you can read everyone's minds & knew exactly what they were talking about. You return to the living room with the game in hand, not tripping over any pets or random shoes, smiling at your love of serving your family. 

Your family is all aglow with excitement, no one arguing or clamoring for the box, as you set up the game & give each child a smile that says "I love you so much". Everyone is attentive and no one is texting or Instagramming because no one would think to bring their phone to interrupt time with their precious family. 

All eyes are on you as you give instructions to the children who had not yet had the privilege of playing this wonderful game. Because some of the children are too young to understand all of the instructions & you're a fair parent, you alter the instructions a wee bit, removing the "lose a turn" & similar components of the game. The reader pulls a card & does not read the part that says "I am..." They read the part that says "instruct players that..." & then reads each hint one by one, as needed, until someone guesses what the item is. The points awarded to the winning guess is the number of how many hints were read. The winner at the end of the game is the person with the least amount of points. Now everyone is set to play in perfect peace & enjoyment.

You play the game for the next 10 minutes, enjoying every second & never having to break up any fights or intercept dirty looks between children. 

It is now your 16 year old son's turn to pull a card out of the box & read it to the family to see who can guess what his hints are describing. He has his card in hand. He is reading the hints to himself. He is getting that smirk that he gets when thinking thoughts he shouldn't say out loud. He starts laughing so hard he turns red. 

All eyes are on him as you start laughing just from watching him laugh. Then he shakes his head & between gasps of laughter, says, "I can't." You take the card he is handing to you.

Your teenage son is still laughing & 10 other eyeballs are on you as you & your hubby read the card to yourselves...

Especially hints #1, 2, 6, 10,
11, 13, 16, 19, 20...oh boy. 

The 13 year old boy in your head erupts & you dissolve into tears from laughter. 

Game over. Your teenage son is declared the winner. 


  1. Ha ha ha ha! I love the way you tell a story and add in the details to make it so funny.


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