That's Me

That's Me

Monday, April 28, 2014

Amazing Grace's Junior Prom

According to Amazing Grace, her dress ended up being the dress of her dreams. 

The day we bought it, Amazing Grace thought we were just going to put it on layaway, because that's what everyone else had done. When I paid for it & then handed the dress to her, she looked at me, "I get to take it home today?" as she cried. I love moments when I can surprise my kids like that. 

Walking through the mall with
her dress, someone was
very happy.

What's a Mommy-Daughter Shopping Trip without lunch? The girl told me she hasn't been to Wendy's since the time I took her when she was 18 months old. Well, we can't have that.

My happy girl.

After my alterations, her dress had a total of 25 yards of tulle in it and weighed 20 pounds. She said she wanted poufy and poufy I made sure she got. After the very last stictch was put in place and she stepped down off the chair, twirling in her princess dress, the look on her face was worth all my work. "Mom, it's exactly how I wanted it!" 

She was very happy to have the poufiest princess dress at the prom.

 Her boyfriend is such a sport. They were both nervous about her pinning his boutonniere on, and well...he said "don't poke me" just half a second too late...

Her very real shock when she realized his
his "ouch!" was real.

One of his friends stepped in to help
her out. I think he was scared
Boyfriend would end up bleeding
all over the fancy clothes.

He survived all the needle poking
& was still smiling. What
a trooper.

Boyfriend lifting Amazing
Grace's dress to help her
get all the poufiness out the
...and across the lawn without
adding outdoor decor to her dress.

Seeing them together makes me happy.

Me:"Amazing Grace, hang on
with just one arm."

Boyfriend: "I can do that too!"

Amazing Grace & Mommy
Hubby, Amazing Grace, Mommy

Blondie (14), Amazing Grace (17),
Ginger Girl (11)...
some of my kids.

Charlie's (so not) Angels...

Hey! That's not what the Angels do
to each other!

 Still not what they do.

Enjoying this
Angel role.
We don't do this to our
friends, girls.

A beautiful rainbow!

The princess tiara the
Court girls wore. 
Love the back.

So we had all these beautiful girls all dressed up & suddenly I hear, "Can we punch each other for pictures? We're really good at it!" I just looked at this child as the words came out of her mouth. Was that my daughter that just said that? Yes, indeed, it was my daughter.

And then this happened...

Pink Dress: "You!!"
Amazing Grace: "You wanna go?"
Purple Dress: "Uh...I don't wanna be in
the middle of this."

Purple Dress: "Hey, White Dress, I suddenly
don't like your face."
White Dress: "I never liked yours!"
Pink Dress: "Take that, you!"
Oh, what's going on with Orange Dress in the corner?

Orange Dress reappeared but that doesn't answer any questions.
Purple Dress & White Dress got over it.
Amazing Grace brought out her evil right elbow. 

Spoke too soon:White Dress blinked & Purple
Dress didn't like it.
Orange Dress seems to be okay now.
Amazing Grace was watching the fight between
Purple Dress & White Dress when Pink Dress
decided to sneak in another punch.

All better. Love all around.

"That was so much fun!"
"Let's do it again."

I got about 20 shots of these girls being themselves & they're some of my favorite pictures.  

Hubby & I went to watch the Grand March. The decorations that Amazing Grace & her friends worked so hard on were so beautiful. They really did an awesome job with their theme of A Night in Africa. There were giraffes & elephants, unique vases full of decorative sticks & feathers. The twinkly lights & all the colors...they did a great job. 

Amazing Grace was just glowing the entire time. I got a video of the Grand March & I was bursting with pride when she was announced with her escort & I watched them walk through the room. All the princesses & Queen were so beautiful & the princes & King were so handsome. Everyone looked great. I was so glad I got to be a part of the night & watch everyone for a short time. Even the jealous girl walking around with a chip on her shoulder, glaring at certain girls on the court, was only ruining her own night; nothing could have taken the smile off of those happy kids' faces. 

The King & Queen with their court. 

Amazing Grace was glowing. 

And I got a picture with a princess...

Proud moment, right after the
Grand March.


  1. Amazing Grace has grown up so much since I started reading your blog! She's a very beautiful young lady. Her and Boyfriend make a very cute couple. She should be a model.

  2. Wow! Beautiful dress! Beautiful daughter! Handsome boyfriend! Great job on the poofy part it is perfect for her!


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