That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hubby & the Dye

So I asked hubby to do me a huge favor when he left work.

Hubby: Okay, baby, anything.

Me: I bought the wrong hair dye...

Hubby: Okay?

Me: ...and my hair looks like crap. 

Hubby: Oh no! [appropriate response, by the way, so other men pay attention: when your girlfriend or wife is upset about her hair, you shall also be upset]

Me: Can you pick me up some hair dye to fix this? 

Hubby: Sure.

Back story: there wasn't enough dye in the box to cover my entire head of hair. Which truly is not that much hair. I have short hair on one side, even shorter hair on the other side, & shaved in the back. Obviously it doesn't take much dye to cover my hair. Apparently their quality inspection department fell asleep the day my dye was packaged because I got a very teeny tiny amount of dye. I thought I could make it work.

I couldn't.

My hair ended up being half colored, half normal color. We all know I like to experiment with my hair & try out different colors & cuts. This look was not what I had in mind though.

When hubby got to the store after work, he called to ask me what I need. I talked him through the aisle to the colors and of course the store was out of the exact one I needed. I told him the next brand name to check but then had to give him a general idea of where the color would be because of course it wouldn't have the same color name as the first brand. Of course.

I gave him possible names it could be under & he looked for anything that would be in that color family.

Finally he took pictures of a couple choices that he thought were close to what I wanted & sent them to me while we were on the phone. I told him which one to get. He couldn't pick one out on his own. Not because he wouldn't; he actually was trying. Not because he has trouble making up his mind. Not because he was scared of picking the wrong one. Not because he can't read.

Poor guy, he really was trying his best, but as he said, "Send the color blind guy to the store for hair dye."

He saved my hair emergency, I didn't have to go out in public with cheetah hair in -40* weather, & he laughed through his torment. What a guy.

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