That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dora's Crown

My friend Curly's little girl, Little Miss, turned 4 & we were invited to the Birthday party. I was so happy to go to the party & celebrate with them. Little Miss has a special place in my heart & all my kids adore her. Her Mama is pretty awesome too & any chance I can get to hang out with Curly, I'll take it. 

Curly made the cutest little cake with a castle & trees & Dora. She has quite the talent & I thought it was a great cake. Apparently not everyone at the party knew who Dora was, because one of her male friends asked why there was a girl wearing a graduation gown & cap on the cake.

Graduation cap? Crown? Whatever.

Silly boy just doesn't know his cartoon characters well enough. He needs to be schooled in some Dora & Boots.

Curly took Dora off of the cake & set her on the table so she could cut the cake without harming sweet little Dora. I have no idea what she was saving her for or if she tossed her out after everyone left, but she wanted to make sure Dora was kept safe for that time being. Every time Curly looked away to hand someone a piece of cake, I'd set Dora's crown just a little off-center. Curly would turn around, see the crown not sitting right, fix it, then move on to handing out the next piece of cake. And I'd do it again. My poor friend. I think she was ready to smash that rascally Dora by the end of the night because she wasn't sure why the crown wouldn't stay where she put it.

Who did that to Dora's crown?
I don't know.

The party was a pool party at a hotel. Have you ever heard a bunch of little kids in an indoor pool, all hopped up on sugar? It's not a matter of seeing them; it's hearing them. I think there was something like 12 kids at the party. Once we were inside the pool area, the echoing pool area, it turned into the sounds of 52 kids. Fifty-two. That's a lot of noise. Now let's add to that echo. All of these children ate & drank their weight in Dora castle cake & juice. It multiplied...I don't know how much it multiplied...but it sounded like a whole lot of kids.

This may have been hubby's
first time at a
kid's pool party, poor guy.

Of course there was time for a Mr. &
Mrs. Eddi Girl photo opp.

Tell me, what do you do if you feel the urge to put your feet up but there is not an ottoman, extra chair, or pig in sight?

I needed to put my feet up. He was there:
win for me.

If we hadn't been in public, the shoes would have been off & he would have been getting some very strong hints on my desire for a foot rub. Being in public: win for him.

As we were leaving the party, I happened to look up at the wall just before getting into the car...

Someone help Cookie Monster! He
got stuck in the wall of the hotel.
Oh no! 

Little Blondie had helped me with Little Miss's Birthday present. We bought a couple Barbie outfits & then I knitted a scarf & head scarf for her Barbies. I made up my own patterns & Little Blondie picked out the yarn & brought out one of her Barbies for me to use as a model. 

Tiniest things I have ever knitted.

I was pretty darn proud of how they turned out. Little Blondie was so excited about them that she has begged me to make her some for her Barbies & to teach her how to knit. Passing on the love for knitting is just as much fun for me as the actual knitting. 

You know it's love if I not only knit for you but I also spend hours with 52 sugared up kids in a pool. I don't do all of that for just anyone. 


  1. thanks for the laugh.... yes, messing with an occupied ocd momma is amusing... love the cookie monster stuck in the wall. and I used to make my own Barbie clothes, I still have some my daughter plays with :)

  2. Usually I'm the occupied OCD mama that is being messed with, but I now understand the joys of it. :) That's awesome that your daughter plays with clothes that you made for your Barbies!


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