That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013 in Pictures

Little Blondie was thrilled
with her sibling gift of
a gift card to Build-A-Bear
from Boy Teenager.

Boy Teenager actually smiled! He really loved
his sibling gift, a purple dress shirt with a
matching striped tie from Blondie.

Boy Teenager had received his main gifts a
month ago. I didn't want him to have less gifts to open
than everyone else so for part of his gifts, I individually
wrapped 4 Andes, a candy cane, 4 Reece's, & 2 Kit Kats
& then put them in a Mary Kay bag.He was actually amused.

Blondie opening the 1 thing she
really, really wanted.

Watson found a bed he was perfectly
content with.

I had told Amazing Grace she wouldn't
be able to get the Ugg boots she
had asked for. She believed me.

It's these moments that make
all the work
of Christmas worth it.

Yup, that's why I do it all. 

I had also told Ginger Girl that the
biggest item on her list wouldn't make it to under the tree this year & she'd get it for her Birthday next year instead. 

That smile says it all.

I forgot to wrap 1 of hubby's
gifts. Just as we were all
sighing happily over what
we'd received, I remembered it.
Ginger Girl ran & got
it from under my bed &
"wrapped" it quickly herself.

There was this certain
clutch at Coach, the one
that I would go into the
store just to pet. I hadn't
told anyone that I wanted
this clutch, not 1 word.
Hubby literally
read my mind. 

I couldn't believe he got me the one
that I've been loving on without me
saying a word.

1 of my gifts from hubby started
with a letter. 

The gift with the letter.

The most thoughtful gift I have
ever received from anyone.

Hubby totally earned points
I had no idea Amazing Grace was
taking pictures of me
as I fought tears.

And gift #4. 

I had no idea I was such a
good girl in 2013.

Hubby's sister & me. I don't know what
we're talking about but it looks like we're
discussing how to run away for a few hours
without being noticed. Sister thinks it
looks like her brother's wife is her lover.

I'm super lucky to have a sister. If I didn't
love hubby, I would have married him anyway
just so I could have her as my own sister.

I love this picture!
I have no words for it
but I love it.

Me, Blondie, Amazing Grace.
One of my favorites from that day.

Me with Mom 2. I am so much taller than her that
I am almost kneeling on the floor here to be the
same height with her.
I seriously couldn't ask for a better mother in-law.
I'm so extremely blessed with my in-laws.
Ginger Girl & Mommy.

Blondie & Mommy.

Mr. & Mrs. Eddi Girl.
I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

Double photobomb.

With all the photobombs
from Blondie, hubby
got payback. 

I can't even count how many of my pictures
from Christmas Eve have a similar photobomb.

On our way to Mom & Dad 2's house
I did what I always do when I have
time & a camera on my hands.

My favorite part is the Ginger Girl

Blondie photobomb.

Blondie & Amazing Grace photobomb.
Of course I sent this to the bff as the
Merry Christmas note from me.

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