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That's Me

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Halloween 2013

It's already 2 days past Thanksgiving & I haven't even finished my Halloween post. As long as I get it out before 2014, I'm good, right?

Oh well, I never signed anything saying I'd get my posts out on someone else's schedule. It's my name at the top of this blog, so I get to set the schedule. You'll get over it.

So, Halloween...

Amazing Grace & her friend won first prize at their school costume party for their matching costumes, which they didn't let anyone see until the day of.

Amazing Grace as a Minion.

I love it. It makes sense she would make herself a Minion since she thinks they're the coolest things on the planet. Well, coolest things besides jeans & shoes.

Boy Teenager opted to hand out candy to Trick or Treaters while hubby & I took "the girls" TOT'ing. "The girls" consisted of Ginger Girl, Blondie, & Blondie's friend Shortie.

L to R: Blondie as cowgirl, Shortie
as Captain America Girl, Ginger Girl
as zombie dancer. Quite the creative bunch.

Hubby walked in to the line-up.
He was obviously scared.

Zombie dancer & 
photobomb. I can't decide 
which is scarier.

The week before Halloween hubby & I took turns driving Blondie all over creation, to every store imaginable, looking for the perfect skirt for her costume. She found it & was so excited. Then decided to wear it to the Halloween Dance but not TOT'ing. Le sigh.

Since we invested so much
time in finding this skirt, I'm
going to add it here. 

Because I can.

Halloween night hubby & I loaded the girls up in the car & continued our tradition of going to the haunted drive-through place that is a favorite around here. It's pretty much the 11th Commandment that if you live here, you must go to this place during October, if not on Halloween. Just, you must.

It's just a house in the country & they set up all sorts of creepy creatures in their yard & field. You can walk through it...if you dare. There are also tons of creepy creatures roaming around just waiting to make you pee your pants. They jump out at people walking through the yard & field, they run out of the bushes at the cars as the passengers inside are busy looking at the other creepy creatures in the yard, they climb into your car if your doors are unlocked.

One year Ginger Girl said she was brave enough for us to have the flashers off when driving through. Having your flashers on is a sign to the creepy creatures to not scare the people in your vehicle. We turned off the flashers. Within minutes, a monster opened up the back of my truck & started pulling Boy Teenager out of the truck. Ginger Girl started crying, "Don't take him! That's my favorite brother!!" The monster immediately let go of Boy Teenager, who was laughing from the shock of suddenly being taken out of the truck, & took his mask off so that Ginger Girl could see that he was just a man in a costume. Of course that's one of those things that she will never live down. Every year, as we pull down the street toward that haunted place, someone in the vehicle inevitably cries out, "That's my favorite brother" & Ginger Girl laughs along with us as she says, "But he is!"

Blondie & Shortie kissing
some creepy wolf man thing.

This is what happens when 
your camera unexpectedly
flies out of your hands 
& hits the seat. 
And this is what happened to cause my camera to unexpectedly fly out of my hands & hit the seat...

I'm deathly afraid of clowns (thanks, Stephen King). Hubby swears up & down that what he actually said was, "Don't look at the front." If that's actually what he said, I wouldn't have looked at the front. And you'd be able to hear that on the video. Clearly that is not what he said. 


I may or may not have punched him as soon as I recovered. I say I may not have, because I was in hysterics & don't recall anything for the next 5.8 seconds after that nasty clown appeared in my face. I'm guessing I did punch him because that's what I do when I'm scared. And when I think hubby deserves to be punched for attempting to give me a heart attack.

And yes, that is my Comfy Blanket in my lap. I told you it goes everywhere with me.  

Before Halloween, for my Birthday, Hubby & I went on a ghost hunt in a town just over an hour from our house. We thought we were going on a tour to learn the history of the building & hear of the ghost stories that have occurred there. That's not at all what we got.

Obviously there is something wrong with us because we saw this as entertainment. We didn't bring a flashlight & we certainly did not bring our own EVP recorder. Who knew normal people own these things, much less bring them to tours of old, creepy buildings with creepy history.

Let me tell you, there are ghost hunting groupies & they not only have EVP machines--some of these people carry more than 1 at a time--but they also have flashlights clipped to their hats. Clipped to their hats. They know what "activity" means. They know how to read an EMF meter. They have heard of a spirit box (no, it's not to capture spirits in, my bad). They take this stuff seriously, yo.

The only reason I know what any of this stuff is is because I saw Steve from Ghost Hunters on someone's TV one day & knew I must see more of him & the only way that I could see as much of that man as I wanted to was by watching the show he is on & you know how when you're watching a show, even just to see one of the men on it, some of the crap they talk about sinks in & eventually you get hooked on the show & you fall in love with Steve & you remember that this all started out as just a way to watch a man you had a crush on in a show you had little interest in & now suddenly you're DVR'ing all the episodes & your children are calling Steve their TV Daddy...

Just me? No one else?

Okay then...

So we went on what turned out to be a real live...err, dead?...undead?...I don't know...a real live ghost hunt with real ghosts. With a bunch of groupies who looked at us like we were the weird ones because we didn't carry all of this equipment on us or in our car at all times. Silly us. 

At one point the guide told us that he was being told by a spirit that the man in a leather coat was standing over the portal that thousands of entities use to enter our world. We looked around...hubby was the only man in a leather coat...

Okay, we had been told to be quiet & not to move at all. When I heard that, I definitely wanted to move. Not only move, but get as far away from hubby as I could. I don't think I have ever wanted to be so far from him before, except when he has gas. I telepathically told the entities that they were not to attach themselves to my hubby & hitch a ride to my house because we already have a full house & no room for anyone else & I'll be damned if I'm cramming one more person, dead or alive, in this house.

I must sound scary in telepathic conversations 'cause no one joined us for the ride home.

The guide liked to use this hand dandy little box that spirits talk through & we did hear a lot of activity through it. At the end of the tour, one of the spirits started talking about Eddi. No one in the group was named Eddie, Eddi, or Eddy, & no one in the group knew that is my nickname. If we hadn't been in such pitch black that I couldn't even see my own hand in front of my face, & if I'd had a flashlight, & if I wasn't surrounded with stacks of wood & odd equipment & no idea of how to get out of that 7,000 sq ft building, I would have ran out of there so fast that I would have actually ran right out of my clothing. It wouldn't have been a pretty sight & I would have been very cold, but I was that scared. An entity was talking about me. After my husband stood on their portal.

You know, I'm now not believing that an entity, spirit, poltergeist, vampire, whatever didn't hitch a ride home with us, because after reading that, I'm pretty sure we were doomed.

The really cool part was when the guide set up the flashlight & told "Steve" (one of the spirits that had named himself to us) to turn it on & off in answer to his questions: once for no, twice for yes. They actually held on a conversation that way for about 10 minutes. No one was near the flashlight & later hubby still said he was doubtful about it being real. I asked him how they did that. He said, "With a remote." A remote? Seriously? Who needs a remote for their flashlight? A flashlight is its own remote. You hold it in your hand. It has a button you push to make it work. The end.

The scariest thing we
saw in that haunted

We had dessert at McDonald's. Not exactly our ideal place, but it was the only place open in that town that wasn't a bar. I sat down with my ice cream. Hubby sat down with his.

He's done this to me before.
He thinks he's funny...?

Of course, after I took the picture, I looked up to see the only 2 employees in the whole McDonald's looking at me. Then I realized we were the only customers in the entire McDonald's. You tend to stick out like a polar bear on your grandma's couch when you're the only customers in the place & you're taking a picture of your hubby sitting behind you happily eating his ice cream. I thought about explaining to the 2 employees but then I think how there really is nothing I can say to these 17 year old boys that would make them think I am any less not normal. 

I maybe should add here that when we went into the McDonald's, we both headed to the rest rooms right away. When I came out, I joined hubby already at the counter. He looked at me & asked me if I wanted to go home with him tonight. I told him I'd do even more than that, I'd buy him some ice cream too. Add that to how we were now sitting & these 2 boys may not have had any idea what to think about us. Were we together? Were we not? Was I really going home with a stranger after buying him ice cream? Why wouldn't I sit with him? Were we messing with them & really were together? Why wouldn't we sit together then? See my dilemma? 

So I said nothing, put down my phone, & ate my ice cream, pretending there wasn't a portal-standing hubby sitting behind me. 

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