That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Princess T's Birthday

This little girl right here has me
wrapped around every one of her fingers.
That's why I'm wearing a "crown" head
band she insisted I must wear.

My niece, Princess T, turned 6 in September. I love being her Auntie & I love every second I get to have with Princess T, so throwing her a party was something I was really excited about & looked forward to.

Blondie designated herself
the decorator for the party.
She got a little too "into it. 

Get it? Get it?? 

When Sister brought Princess T over for the surprise party, Sister  brought in the cake she had bought. Well, it should have been a cake. 

...the bakery made
her 2 1-layer cakes.

Instead of 1 2-layer

And not only that, but they're not even the same shape. It took 3 of us...1 to hold the tray of the round cake, 1 to use spatulas to lift the round cake, 1 to steer the second cake underneath the round one so it landed properly without falling off anywhere.

That was a special kind of fun.

With the pink
B-day tiara...
...'cause every princess needs
a pink tiara.

What princess party is complete
without Ginger Girl's tattoos?
Princess T & I
showing off our arm tats. 

Ginger Girl enjoyed
"tattooing" hubby way
too much & giggled like
a crazy person.
I'm thinking she didn't need
to press as hard on his tattoo
as she did. Hmm.

He looks...thrilled?

The princess cake I made.
The princess cake Sister brought.
So cute!

Blondie declared she's on a diet & needs to cut her calories in half. So she cut her calories in half.

Princess T got to blow out
candles on both cakes,
separately. Uncle like Nephew? 

Rockin' the tiaras. "'Sup?"
Total swag.
That's my man, not afraid to wear the "tiara" his
niece fashioned out of a headband for him.

I think she may like
this gift from her Mom.

Just a little bit. 

Showing her Mom which
fairy was her favorite
in  the mini scrapbook
I made her.

With the scrapbook I made
her of her first ever trip to
see the fairies last month.

Some of Princess T's gifts even thrilled her Aunt & Uncle.

I want to be this Monster
High girl when I grow up.
Dude, she's all black &
purple & lacy! 
This is a real box of Nerds.
Those are some of the mini boxes,
next to hubby, that he dumped
out of the big box.

I think my nephew got a wee bit bored while my niece was opening all of her many gifts, because I looked up at him to find this...
Surgeon? Robber? 

He fashioned a hat & mask out of discarded tissue paper. He definitely takes after his Uncle.

After Princess T shared her pink
tiara with her brother, she said
that Zipper needed to wear it.
Such a sport that dog is.

Of course, the men & dog were not the only ones getting in on all this dressing up. 

Princess T insisted that Auntie had to wear
some of her jewelry that she got as gifts. 

Being an auntie means teaching
another impressionable child
how to take a proper picture.

Oh, man, she totally owns me.

My Princess T in all her
jeweled glory.

The card we gave her had nail
stickers in it. Princess T & I
gave each other manicures.
Best I've ever had!
There was 1 concerning moment that happened when the children were all thankfully off elsewhere. In a bag Sister had brought, we found...I'm not sure what we found...

Ariel butt plug?

No. Just no.

Sister couldn't explain how that got in her bag or even what exactly it is & I am going to pretend that it is not at all what it looks like. 

We had such a fun night & I am the luckiest Auntie ever to live close to my niece & nephew so that I can do things like this with them. Princess T was so surprised & seeing her having so much fun made it all completely worth the shopping, the cooking, the scrapbooking, the wrapping, the undecorating of Blondie, & setting aside my studying for a day & night. 

My nephew took a half hour video of me playing with the little girls on the floor with Polly Pockets, Monster High dolls, & random doll house pieces. He's holding it hostage for possible black mail fodder if he ever needs it. He says it's worth it. 

I should have known he wasn't on The Facebook the entire time I was using that high pitched doll voice & rolling around on the floor to get my doll away from the scary bad guy doll. 

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