That's Me

That's Me

Friday, October 11, 2013

Our Own Lion King

One day I'm doing The Mom Thing when I hear:

Blondie: Look, Mom, Lennon is the Lion King!

I turned around to find this...

Not Lennon

He's a cute little Lion King, isn't he? So regal, so royal, so owning his Future King status.

Blondie: Look, Mom, Nemo doesn't like being The Lion King!

Not Lennon again

Sorry, Nemo, Blondie didn't mean to call you Lion King. You are a Princess, we all know that. Double sorry that Blondie decided to hold you over her head so suddenly without your permission first. I'm sure, by the look on your face, that you are deeply offended by this. 

We will stick with Lennon as our Lion King. He does greatly resemble Scar. 

Lennon again

P.S. Blondie does have a face, I promise. She was looking down at the dancing giraffes & cackling hyenas, way down below her at the bottom of that cliff she was standing on. 

P.P.S. Our home doesn't have random spots of bright colors. I added that to give it a more Lion King look, like the jungle sunrise. The couch & window in the background really didn't add to the authentic Lion King feel. 

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