That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This Is What I Do When I Get A Day To Myself?

The first day of school started better than any other. No chaos. No fighting kids. No annoyed Mother. In fact, it was actually pleasant. Most of my kids are like me in the morning, so a pleasant morning is not something I've ever before experienced. I actually kinda liked my kids yesterday morning & it's hard for me to like anything at 6 the morning, especially other people. 

The most adorable part of the morning had to be Ginger Girl & her baby boy. Zipper was just on a roll with her. First, I went to wake up Ginger Girl & found this...

They're inseparable, even in sleep.

How could that not make for a good morning? Seriously. Look at how cute these 2 are...

"We don't want to wake up, do we, Ginger Girl?"

After Zipper confirmed with Ginger Girl that they truly were not going to listen to the Mama say it's time to get up, they...

...both hid their faces!

Come on, that is the cutest thing ever! Look closely at that picture. Ginger Girl grabbed her blanket & threw it over her head. Zipper took one look at her & buried his head in the Build-A-Bears. I swear this dog thinks he's an extension of Ginger Girl. 

A hug after Zipper gave her 20 giggle-causing kisses.

Even though Blondie is my Morning Person...I'm talking smiling, talking, thinking, enjoying mornings, crazy girl...she didn't want her picture taken before the allotted First Day of School Picture Time. Didn't stop me from trying.


After I helped Ginger Girl get all dolled up for the day, I realized I had a lot of time on my hands until First Day of School Picture Time. I already made coffee. I already drank some of said coffee. I already got dressed. I already annoyed each child. I already let the cats & dog out. Oh, listen, the dryer just stopped & now there shall be a basket of laundry for me. Dang this whole Can't Sit Still thing. 

While folding a heaping mound of britches, the replacement blinds that had been set on the couch fell on top of Ginger Girl. Oops, my bad. But Zipper saved the day when he started pawing at it to pull it off of her, like the big bad ass he sees himself as.

Good boy, save your girl.

And...First Day of School Picture Time.

Where do they get this from?
Ginger Girl/5th grade, Blondie/8th grade, Boy Teenager
(amused by Ginger Girl)/Sophomore, Amazing Grace/Junior

Amazing Grace & Extra Daughter
with photo bomb by Blondie (of course)

I love this next picture because it was one of those unposed, unexpected, just talking to Mom, being themselves pictures that I love so much.  

Yup, these are mine.

I did get a ton of awesome posed pictures. Boy Teenager wouldn't let me get any of him by himself, so in 20 years when we go through 2013's First Day of School pictures, it will look like I favor the girls. Here it is documented that he did this to himself. I don't want to hear about it, child!

And what did I do on this, a glorious day to myself, a day to do whatever I want, a day of not chauffeuring 27 children places ? Did I nap? Did I lay around as a lady of leisure? Did I watch Dr. Phil & eat bonbons? Did I meet friends for lunch? Did I shop for fun stuff like knitting & scrapbook materials or yoga pants? Did I finish knitting that shawl I started a month ago or the curtain I started 6 months ago?

No. I filled out a To-Do List with 60 items & did them. I actually did all of them. On my day off, I cleaned. Why? Because I missed my kids & was sad. Yeah, I know. I clearly have issues.

Not only did I clean but I did things for my family members like iron hubby's shirts. I have spoken of my Wifely Duty before (funny side note, that was almost exactly a year ago) & how much I just love to iron. cough cough Love to iron. Now that was hard to choke out.

Ironing's just...I'd rather scrub a toilet with a tooth brush. I've done that before. It's disgusting. I'd rather do that than stand in 1 spot over a hot, steaming iron (hello, remember Ms. Menopause?), forcing wrinkles to vacate where they've taken up residence, pressing & pressing until it's perfectly starched & beautiful, over & over. Fun.

Hubby's Love Language is Acts of Service. This means that when I do something for him, he thinks I love him. Sound simple? Can be. Not always, but can be. Thank goodness he married a caretaker type of person...oh wait...maybe that's why he married a caretaker type of woman. Wow, now that's a thought.

That's right, I document
when I do loving things.
Deal with it.
So I decided that man o' mine might just appreciate not having to iron for a while. And when I say a while I mean like, months. Because this boy doesn't just own a few shirts or even a few weeks worth. Yes, ma'am, I ironed every single shirt the hubby man owns.

And just so he knows I didn't pay someone to do it, I took pictures. 'Cause that's what Love does. It keeps proof of who did what. Yes, I shared with you the secret to a long-lasting marriage full of love.

Which of course led to this conversation last night:

Me: Do you realize how much you'd have to pay someone to do what I did, just today? 

Hubby: [thinking] You do a lot of your family. 

Me: You'd have to pay a maid, a laundress, a cook, a pet sitter, an organizer, AND a perfect-ironer person. 

Hubby: That'd be a lot of money. 

Me: AND a nanny! Someone to be with these kids before school & until you get home from work....Wait...those kids came with me so if I wasn't here, you wouldn't have to provide for them. 

Hubby: [laughing] Yeah. 'Dude, I've got these random kids in my house, I don't where they came from, but could you watch them for me? I'll pay you.'

Me: Okay, that's all me, but you'd still have to pay a lot to cover what I do! 

Ah, the worth of a full-time Mom. Just in case hubby ever forgets what I'm truly worth, I'm always ready & willing to remind him.

With pictures.

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