That's Me

That's Me

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Night Before the First Day of School 2013

Matching pants, matching toes;
Ginger Girl & Mommy.
Tomorrow morning I will be trading in Summer Schedule Madness for School Year Schedule Madness. Madness is Madness, but a change in the type of Madness can be welcome.
Ginger Girl & I decided pedicures would start out the school year right. Tonight she did mine, I did hers, & we had Girly Time, just the two of us. Any time spent in Girly Time, one on one with each of my girlies, is wonderful time. It's not just about how we look at the end; the conversations during are the best part. 

They look Not Bad, if I say so myself. We match, we're girly, our toes are pretty, we are happy. 

Poor Ginger Girl got an owie on her toe at her dad's house. It happens, kids get hurt, life goes on. She survived & of course now the new toenails make it all better. Like a true girl, even an owie doesn't look bad if you surround it by prettiness.

Girly Time with my girl.

The best part...

...she's only 10...
& I don't have little feet.

She's supposed to be 6'2" as an adult. Nothing about the girl is little & I love it. She'd look awfully funny being as tall as she is, with teeny tiny little feet. Tall people rock. I would know.

I'm sad that summer is now over & the full days with my kids are over. I'm sad that our days of fun, midst the crazy Summer Schedule, are over. As many times as they drove me up the wall, I begged to hire a driver or clone myself so I could get everyone where they had to be without killing myself in the process, & the constant lack of personal space with so many people all around me while we all enjoyed a summer off, I'm still sad.

Not that I'm not looking forward to having a day to myself tomorrow. I mean, I'd be crazy to not think about how I get to drive to an appointment by myself in a non-conversation-filled vehicle with music of my choosing to a place where I am the only one needing to go & I can do what I want to do on the way home and not one thing tomorrow between the hours of 7:30 & 3:00 will be driving anyone else anywhere else. I'd be lying if I said I was having a hard time fighting the smile creeping into my lips right now, just at writing that sentence. I'm sure I'll be giddy tomorrow when I'm living it, not just writing about doing it. 

But I'm sad our summer has come to an end. 

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