That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Little Blondie's Days

The day I taught her
to swim.
Little Blondie was recently spoiled as she had several days where she was the only child in the house. All the kids love when they get us to themselves & yeah, I kinda sorta like the 1-on-1 time too. 
Just minutes before she shed
the floaties & swam
across the pool!
That's the smile of
a girl who got a
surprise donut.

Dinner for 3.

"A crab claw!"

Making her crab claw
She was almost strong
enough. Almost.

Learning to break open the
crab claw by herself.

The day she got her wooden flute.

My "the child is having fun so I'll let her play
for a while & pretend I don't have a
headache" look. 

This has nothing to do with her being
the only child;
I braid her hair every day.
I just love how this
fishtail braid turned out.

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