That's Me

That's Me

Friday, August 16, 2013

Good Morning Messages

Every morning without fail, no matter where we are, hubby sends me a good morning message. It's the same exact words every time & you'd think I'd be all "whatever" about it by now. Nah. I hate to admit that I love it. Don't tell him.

Each morning, after I'm awake enough to know what I'm doing, or for others to understand what I'm doing, I turn on my chat as his little  Bat Eddi Signal. As soon as he sees my chat circle turn green (or grey, to his color blind eyes), he sends me the same message as the morning before & the morning before that. And it's suddenly okay that I'm no longer sleeping. 

Wanting to beat him to the punch one morning, I took an awesome picture & emailed it to him so he could get a good morning message first...

Good morning, dear!

He's such a lucky guy.

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