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That's Me

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

War Horse

Hubby & I went to see War Horse. It had actually been a very long day & we had decided to not go because it didn't seem feasible to line everything up to make it. It was just one of those Chaos Days that can only happen in a large blended family & the unique issues that come with a Brady Bunch like ours. Sometimes it's exhausting both physically & mentally.

About 2 hours before we had to leave for the show I was grocery shopping (do I do anything else, ever?) & hubby surprised me with the news that not only did he get one of the teens to babysit, but another teen was picking out my outfit, & we needed a relaxing night away after all. 

He went to a lot of work to get this all together while I sped through the store & the 25 minute drive home. 

It was actually pretty awesome to pull into my driveway to see hubby & children waiting. One opened my door & ushered me in the house to my waiting dress & shoes. Others emptied the truck & put groceries away. I even had someone holding my dress so I could step into it. I rather liked that. See, I always knew I was a Queen & needed to be treated like the royalty that I am. 

Not much more than a few minutes later we were out the door & on our way. Hubby asked what I'd like for dinner. "Steak & shrimp." He looked at me. 

"Wild rice & salad too, please." He looked at me. 

Finally he said, "Something that won't take more than 20 minutes to order & eat." I told him he didn't specify that; he just asked what I wanted. Seeing as how it was either get 20 minutes to eat somewhere or eat in the car & enjoy 20 minutes of before-show people watching, McNuggets & a Coke it was. 

There is a huge difference between dating before marriage & dating after marriage. Before he had me for The Rest of Time, hubby would have never considered fast food an appropriate meal before a show. At some point a glass of wine on the couch together after work became a Coke in the car after a long day of parenting 27 children. 

We got our usual picture taking time before the show. Now that we're in The Awesome Seats, I don't try to get away with taking pictures in the seats anymore. When we were higher up in the balcony area & not as many wandering retirees ushers were around, it was fun to sneak pictures of ourselves & see if we'd get caught. We had an usher once tell us that since the show hadn't started, he didn't care, after he had laughed at me when I quickly threw my phone down when he walked my way. Like a kid getting busted with a hand in the cookie jar. 

With better seats comes better responsibility & acting like an adult. Oh well, I can adapt. 

Now the pictures are taken out where we people watch. Which means people are most definitely watching us do this...

"Make him stop 'ookin' at me!"
A handsome couple, ain't we?

Mr. & Mrs. Eddi Girl,
Respectable Couple
Amazing Grace's orthopedic surgeon & his family just happened to be standing about a foot in front of us while we did our tradition of pre-show pictures. I am not sure what he thought of the parents of one of his patients making faces at a camera in public. He's a stuffy guy with no sense of humor--it would do him some good to do the something random once in a while. 

The show was amazing. It was so brilliantly done & the costumes were out of this world. I kept comparing it to The Lion King, which I discovered, a lot of people who have seen both have done. After the show, I was reading posts on quite a few blogs about War Horse & that seemed to be the common theme--comparing to The Lion King. 

I loved, loved, loved the show, but there were parts that were hard to watch. Those parts were just so sad & I was sucked so deeply into it that I was emotional over it. It was hard to watch the abused military horses. The fact that I got so emotionally attached to people wearing horse costumes, without remembering that it was people holding & moving their heads, bellies, & legs is a true testament to how awesome every aspect of this show was. It's a beautiful, sad story with a wonderful ending. 

The place we go to always has a special drink & cookie to go along with the show. The drinks are usually good & the cookies are always great. We always want the cookies & I always bring my special cup so that I can get the drink in it for $2.00 off.

When we got to the show, I headed to the restroom due to all that Coke I drank on the way, & hubby got in line to get our drinks. The lady who took his order charged him full price for the drink, even though he handed her my commemorative cup. Hubby lets things like that go. Think I do? 

When we went back for our second drinks, I sweetly & discreetly told this bartender what happened & that I understand the other bartender was new, no big deal, I just want the other bartender to be reminded about the discount when the cups are brought in. I wanted to make sure she knew that I wasn't angry, I wasn't going to make a scene, it really wasn't a big deal & I didn't want the first bartender to even know what I was saying because I didn't want her to feel bad. I just wanted her reminded about the discount so that someone else didn't get a chance to be mad about it. 

That bartender was so awesome. She gave us each a horse head cookie & my second drink for free to make up for it. Like, $9.00 in snacks for free. All I wanted was a reminder for the first bartender. 

Those cookies were so yummy. Well, hubby's was so yummy. He always gives me the first & last bite of anything he has--it always makes me all warm & fuzzy inside when he does that--so I got to taste his cookie while we were heading in to our seats. (That sounds so wrong.) When the show started I put my cookie in my purse & enjoyed the show. For an hour & a half I enjoyed that show while my poor, poor horse head cookie was being annihilated. 

Poor, sad, mistreated
horse head cookie.

It's kinda ironic that the part of the show that was difficult for me to watch was the mistreatment of the horses & then I abuse my sad little cookie. 

It still tasted very good. Even the crumbs that I poured into my mouth from the bottom of the pouch.

Sometimes it's chaos around here with so many people & their individual needs, & it's nice when we can get a night away from it to remember why we're together in the first place. It's not just to bark orders at & play chauffeur, chef, nanny, doctor, teacher, psychiatrist, bank, personal shopper, secretary, nose wiper, tp retriever, memory, keeper of the band-aids, & locator of all that is lost to a houseful of minions. (Notice I did not say maid...I do not clean up after any child over the age of 2.) Apparently it's not to sit on the couch next to each other with a glass of wine after a long day either. 

No, we are together because I was missing a piece of my heart & soul & when I found it I didn't want to ever be without it again. We're together because there is no one else I would want to trudge alongside me in these thick, muddy waters called parenthood. Because no matter what happens in our day, I know that at the end of it, I get to sleep next to my best friend. And no matter how rough things get, or how much I feel I just can't fight one more minute, I've got hubby next to me reminding me that together we can get through anything. Through it all, good or bad, we will never have to face it alone. That's why we're together.

Also because no one else would be willing to take goofy pictures in public while everyone else drank their wine & watched. 

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