That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pool Party!

I am so glad we put in our 'ool. It was worth every penny & every second of Pain in the Ass. Truly, it was. 

My friend Curly came over last week & brought her 3 year old daughter, Little Miss, for a day & night of swimming. Actually, I had invited them over to swim & when Curly told Little Miss about it, Little Miss excitedly called it a pool party. So a pool party we had. 

My friend's daughter looks just like Shirley Temple & it was a lot of fun to have her here. It's been quite a while since I've had a 3 year old & it's still my most favorite and least favorite age. Little Miss is just like my 3 year olds were--spitfires through & through. 

More than once I reminded my 3 year olds that they were lucky they were cute. Strong willed & full of spunk, the whole lot of 'em. 

Little Miss & Ginger Girl

Also just like my kids, Little Miss is one of the cutest kids ever. Unlike whatever face this is that Blondie is making...

Blondie photo bombed just as I
took this of Ginger Girl's head stand

I bought some glow sticks for night swimming in the 'ool & when is a better time to break out glow sticks than with a little kid? Who else gets so excited over glowing goo in a tube than a preschooler? 

You can use your imagination on how awesome it looked to have glowing colors in the bottom of the pool 'cause...well...

1st pic of glow sticks in pool

4th pic of glow sticks in pool
...apparently glow sticks aren't photogenic in water. 

Ginger Girl is admiring the glow sticks
in Curly's hair
But Curly & Little Miss are.

Little Miss is wondering how Mama sprouted
glow sticks from her head

I kinda sorta told Little Miss that there was 1
more in her Mama's hair

Little Miss looked like a monkey digging
in her Mama's hair for the glow stick I
insisted was in there somewhere
Like all little kids, Little Miss doesn't exactly keep track of where she places things while running from one curious adventure to the next. Like when she discovered my Hose House & excitedly opened the top, yelled at the hose, closed the top, turned the crank, laughed, then did it all over again.

So I wasn't surprised when Little Miss announced her goggles were missing. I told hubby the last place I saw them was the Hose House & off he went to see if she'd left them there.

He said he didn't see them there, but as he walked around the side of the house...he had some pretty pink & purple princess goggles on his face. 

"Whatcha gonna do about it, punk?"
"I'll grab 'em with my cat-like
reflexes, that's what!"

Ah, 3 year olds: designed cute to ensure the continuation of our species. Strong will + ugly = no good.

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