That's Me

That's Me

Friday, June 28, 2013

Officially Open Ool

Guess what this
picture means...
Notice how there is no 'P' in pool up there? Let's keep it that way, peoples. Ha ha. Yeah, I know.

I just know that since reading about my fun adventure aka new pool installation on top of ancient burial ground, you're dying to know how it's turned out.

The adventure continued with putting in the liner, filling with water--which required closely watching it fill so that the liner could be slowly lowered every inch of water it may be more or less than every inch, since I didn't have to do it, I didn't really pay attention to exactly when it was being done by undoing the binder clips holding the liner to the wall, a hose covered in a sock, buckets of chlorine...& we can't forget the two times the pool had to be drained after being filled.

After the pool was almost completely full, we discovered that a metal piece was missing. Check the yard. Check the huge boxes that were going to the recycling. Check the yard again. Check the fire pit. Check the yard. Check the garage. Check the yard again. Check the garbage. Hours of checking & rechecking. Finally, it was found.

Between the liner & the wall of the pool. What an awesomely great place for a sharp-edged metal piece to be hanging out! Stuck behind the rippable liner that is now full of water.

Boy Teenager tried sticking his arm between the liner & the wall. That went about as well as it sounds like it would. Draining the pool it is!

Now refill the pool.

Enter: big storm #69 since this fun has begun.

Now the pool is too full. Drain the pool.

Good to go,
Boy Teenager.
After the pool was officially put all the way together, Dad 2 came over to help with the deck, which I didn't get pictures of because I was gone for that part. But I can show you hubby testing out how strong the steps were. He said he was going to run, jump, & bounce all the way up the steps because he knew that at some point Boy Teenager would decide to take a running start up the steps to see how far he could jump into the pool. Which, by the way, is exactly the first thing Boy Teenager did. We don't know him.

Hubby bounced on each step, all the way to the top, & then I joined him in jumping & jiggling on the deck itself. It's not as dirty as it sounds--we were completely dressed, after all. I love giving the neighbors something to talk about. Like why are 2 people jiggling & swaying their bodies back & forth on top of a pool deck...and they're sober? Or, if it's the neighbors that weren't aware of the new pool: why can I see 2 people jumping & jiggling above a 6' fence when normally I see nothing from their back yard...and I'm sober?

See, I did physically help! And that wasn't the only time I put down the camera to help with parts of the installation. Go me.

Just minutes after all of that, we got our first guest to our brand-new pool...
Silly bug actually thought
I'd let him in the pool.

After sending the bug off to meet Jesus, I was the first to chill on the deck & celebrate the Official Opening of the pool. Hubby played cabana boy & surprised me with a Corona before I could even get down the steps to get one. The boy can read my mind. That is so scary.

Sunday afternoon by the pool with a Corona? Yes please.

First one in! Her feet didn't
even touch the deck as she
flew up & into the water.
Blondie didn't even
getting a suit on.
When the kids left on Saturday to go to their dad's, there was still no way to get into the pool. Apparently they just expected to have a deck put up when they got home because I didn't even get a hi as child after child flew past me & right into the pool, when they arrived on Sunday.

 Within 2 hours of getting home, Amazing Grace had friends over, including one of my Daughters I Didn't Have To Grow In My Body Or Raise, for the first official pool party. It was ice cold but that didn't stop anyone. Teenagers are clearly oblivious to blue toes & lips when they're having fun. Humor, people, it wasn't that cold--or else I'd have at least 1 picture of blue toes. Hilarity ensued as boys threw girls into the water, especially when Amazing Grace actually helped them push Added Daughter in, the whole time yelling, "No! Don't! Stop!"

...whether she wants to
or not
Amazing Grace is
goin' in...

Added Daughter's
goin' in & she
really does not want to.
I have to hand it to 'em. Both girls put up a big fight & those boys really are persistent when they have a job to do. They were mighty proud of themselves too. Added Daughter was fighting quite hard, complete with quite a bit of leg flailing, accompanied with male crotch covering. 

What pool party is complete without a game of Testicle Toss? 

Gotta be careful when you're tossing
around blue balls. 
Dad 2 gave us a couple fun yard games & 1 of them was Testicle Toss. Each day now, someone is always  tossing testicles--team testicle tossing, 1-on-1 testicle tossing, I've even seen solo tossing of the testicles in the back yard. It's so sad when you hear someone cry, "My testicles are tangled!" as they're holding up a bunch of red & blue balls all wound together. But when you hear, "I'll help you straighten the testicles out! Grab my red balls while I pull on your blue balls..." you know the game is saved & it's a great day after all. 

A pool, a Corona, & blue balls. It's gonna be a great summer.

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