That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Duct Tape Really Can Fix Anything

Or at least hold anything...until you can get it fixed for real.

I found that out this spring when my truck was in a minor accident that wasn't my fault. No one was hurt, but it took out the front & side of my truck.

Of course it would happen just when my Truck Fixer Man is super busy & can't get my truck into his shop for a week. And if you even think you know me, then you know that I don't exactly just sit around at home doing nothing. Even if I was the type of person to lay around & do nothing, the 27 children in this house wouldn't allow it. They are in a habit of attending things they're enrolled school & sports...& they like to eat food that I have to go buy. Those are just the kids' habits. I have my own habits that require driving places.

Redneck Ridin'
Since the Eddi Mobile, aka Bruiser, was still needed to be functioning, hubby man set to work. Dear me, I was not thrilled when I saw that man emerge from the garage with a roll of duct tape in his hand & a piece of my truck in the other.

Seriously? Seriously?!
I shuddered at the thought of what he was going to do. Even my imagination & the horrors rolling around in my mind did not compare to what he actually did to my poor baby.

The fact that my hubby, the man who vowed to love & care for me for the rest of time, the man who daily professes his love for me, the man who knows me better than anyone ever has & ever will, the man who knows to sleep with 1 eye open when I'm mad...the fact that that man did this to my truck & did not immediately remove it after he saw my reaction, tells me that there truly is something wrong with his brain.

The fact that I had no choice but to drive it like this for a week...around public...with my face showing...tells me there is way too much stupid in my brain love here for that man. Because he's still alive. I lived through it too, just like hubby said I would. Ooh, look, he was right about something.

I was not only mortified to drive Bruiser like this, but I was also terrified that it wouldn't actually hold the grill, head light, & side together on the highway. Did you know that duct tape holds things together at speeds up to 80 mph and through rain? I do now.

Since getting married, we have had a vehicle in intensive care every year. I wasn't the cause of any of the reasons & all were fun, big jobs. I guess if you're going to put a car or truck in the hospital, you might as well make sure it's there for a while & make it worth everyone's time. It's amazing what so many little pieces off of a truck costs to replace. It truly is amazing. I'm pretty sure, just thanks to us, my Truck Fixer Man has been able to send 2 of his kids through college now.

According to our streak, we'll be able to keep vehicles out of his shop for the rest of 2013. I'm really hoping Truck Fixer Man's wife doesn't get suspicious that there is another reason for my yearly visit to his place.

I could never be anyone's once-a-year mistress...I'd need to meet up way more often than that.

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