That's Me

That's Me

Monday, June 17, 2013

Lennon the Stealth Cat

I knew I was in trouble when Watson started teaching Lennon all sorts of things. I had that feeling deep down in the pit of my stomach. You know, that feeling way down in your stomach, the one that just won't go away, & the more you ty to ignore it the bigger it gets. 

No, not gas. 

The feeling in the pit of my stomach that said this was going to be Trouble. 

And not just trouble, with a lower case 't'; Trouble. 

My instinct...sixth sense...ESP...whatever you want to call it, is never wrong. I just didn't know how much Trouble we were in for.

On top of all the wisdom that Watson has bestowed on him, Lennon also has a talent that Watson does not have the ability to employ. He is skinny & light. Which also makes him Stealth Cat. The combination of Watson Wisdom & Stealth Cat is a deadly one. 

I don't know what gets into him, but I have seen this cat go from a sitting position to the middle of a bed 5 feet away without moving his legs. He doesn't walk, he doesn't stand, he doesn't even twitch a toe. It's weird. 

And scary. I'll be laying in bed & suddenly there is a cat on top of me, from out of nowhere. He bites a toe or a kneecap & disappears just as fast as he appeared. That's when I usually scream, because I don't know when he is going to show up again to pounce on whichever body part he saw me dare to move. 

With Lennon now playing cat games like Pounce the Feet Under the Blanket, I'm pretty sure that Watson also told Lennon all of the fun things he does with my knitting. Watson loves to wrap himself up in my yarn when I'm not around & he also loves to grab my knitting needles out of my hands & run away with them. Lennon took this lesson seriously & then added his own take on what shall be done while I am knitting. 

He shifts into Stealth Cat mode to ninja my knitting. Before I sit down to knit I look to make sure Lennon is nowhere near where I am about to sit with my knitting because he is so rotten to it. I will look over my shoulder as I quietly start knitting. I will peek this way, peer that way, glance over Lennon. Sigh of relief. Knit away, dear Eddi, knit away.

Until I suddenly have wet yarn between my fingers...

I don't know how he bites through it so
fast that I don't know about it

Pieced together yarn as I constantly
have to tie it back together due to Stealth Cat

On the days when Lennon is not quite so Stealth Cat, I'll actually catch him before he has a chance to bite through my yarn with his  razors teeth. I'll feel a tug & look down to find this...

Kitty Heaven

And his response when I yell, "Lennon! No, no, naughty!" & pull the yarn away...

"But I iz good kitty. See how cute I be?"

I can just hear how one of the conversations went when Watson decided he must teach Lennon how to play, "Okay, Lennon, when she's not looking do all the things that make her bring out our middle name, No. When you're busted, roll over & do the things that makes her rub you & tell you you're a pretty boy. Oh, & you need to bring out the Extra Cute when she uses our special name, Little Shit." 

Lennon has proven to be a great student & oh what a good teacher that Watson is. Very good teacher indeed.

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