That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, May 16, 2013

No Thanks, I'm Good

For years I have tried new products & let the manufacturer know how I liked it, if I think it's marketable, what I think is a fair price, who the target market is, etc. I also watch pilots for new shows before they're aired for the same reason. Those are all totally top secret & the DVD's actually delete themselves while they're playing so you can't watch it again. 

I get paid & I get free food & entertainment delivered right to my door. Paid to eat food I didn't have to make or pay for? Win win!

Sometimes the companies have me answer surveys about advertisements, so they can judge how well received/remembered they are. In those, they ask me questions about a company from my memory & then play the commercial or show the magazine ad to see if I remember seeing it. Those aren't top secret & they won't take my firstborn son if I talk about them.

This morning I got asked to do a survey on injectible line fillers. According to them, my age & sex put me in their target market. 

First I get moo'ed at at the mall & then I get told I should be worried about my wrinkles. Good thing I have great self-esteem & self-respect or I may start thinking there is some hidden message here. 

But how could you possibly doubt anything about yourself when your 16 year old daughter posts this on The Facebook with a picture of the 2 of you together:  Happy mothers day to my best friend. To the woman who is so strong and puts everyone elses feelings first before hers. My mom who has been there for me through everything. I love you 

Yeah, those are the things that matter. Moo all you want, be amazed that I'm not worried about fine lines at 33, 'cause I know what matters. Having love & respect from my kids will keep me going, even when the marketing companies no longer want my opinion on young people concerns. 

I've got my hubby & kids to remind me of what really matters. And Mary Kay takes care of the rest. 

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