That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

For the Small Town Dwellers

You know you live in a small town if...

*you have to add about an hour to the amount of time it'll take to run your errands; it always turns into a social event because there is no way to help running into at least 3 people that you know

*a guy walks past you in the gas station & asks you how your son/daughter did in last week's game/tournament/sectional/concert & you have no idea who they are but they know your kid's name & this does not bother you.

*your friend introduces you with the line, "...the one with [house with big yard/all those kids/the dog that thinks it's a cat/the blog]..." & the other person knows immediately who you are

*you don't do a double take when you pull into the gas station next to this...

*livestock walk past your home/poop in your street & you don't think of it as out of the ordinary

*you know what a tractor pull is

*not only can you tell your new city slicker hubby what a tractor pull is & how many you've been to, but you can tell him the difference between an Alice Chalmers & a John Deere
No, these 2

aren't the same

*You know your neighbors' family trees as well as your own & you've met/went to school with/dated/worked with most, if not all, of their relatives

*When you tell someone your last name for the first time & they ask you if you're related to So&So that has the same last name...& are shocked when you say no

*your kids know it's in their best interest to call & tell you whatever it is they just did because word travels faster than they can

*you know what time is best to go to the local gas station/grocery store/bank/hospital to avoid that one cashier/teller/nurse/doctor that you don't like

*you are in the salon & hear, "So who is it that is building that huge fence in town?" & you know immediately it's you she's asking about because it's been the big talk in town for weeks

*you tell the above random lady that you're building the fence for your nudist colony & that same day a guy you dated a few years ago calls to ask when you became a nudist

*your newspaper has a Police Blotter section & you read it to see if anyone you know was pulled over this week

*your newspaper only comes out once a week

*you're on a first name basis with all the cops in town...without ever having been arrested or pulled over

*you get to sit in the same spot every year for the July 4th parade because everyone sits in the same spot they always have & no one messes with that

...that's my life. 

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