That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Wee Bit of My Gardens & Flowers

One of my favorite planters:
Red, White, & Blue

2 more 
Some of the hanging baskets
on the fence on
the side of the house

By the driveway: 1 of the Lilac bushes,
a few planters, Tiger Lillies on the left, & tons
of Lily of the Valley all around the Lilac bush

My white tulips by the front door.
I didn't get a picture of the yellow, pink,
or orange tulips while they were blooming
Last week I was horrified when I got a notification from my weather alert app that there was a frost warning for my area. I have so many flowers all over the house & my garden is was going to take a lot of work to protect all of my flower beds, herbs, and vegetable gardens.

Many trips to the garage & front entryway later, we had the hanging baskets & planters protected. Whew.

One of my mini roses
With the massive gardens that we have, we only had 1 option for covering every single delicate plant out there: sheets & blankets.

Boy Teenager emptied the drysink of almost every sheet we some table runners & pillow cases to wrap around the stakes of peas & beans...& a random fabric shower curtain. I'm guessing Boy Teenager was in a hurry to get back to his XBox & just grabbed piles without making sure what he was grabbing. Forget that everything is in its own spot & labeled...grab & run was apparently his motto that night.

The result was a mini garden campground.
Tomatoes, snap peas, lettuces, spinach, carrots,
radishes, beets, string beans, purple peppers,
green peppers, hot peppers, green beans...
snoozing under their tents

I had planted a lot of new herbs to replace those that I'd lost & to add to the garden. Since they were just planted the day before & I also have teeny, tiny seedlings poking their heads up in there, I made sure to get that sucker covered too. Another mini campground.

Sleeping herbs
Thankfully all of our sheet-tents in the gardens & plastic boxes over the most fragile flowers did the trick. There was frost on everything the next morning, but all my plants are as happy as can be.

Lettuce & spinach buds
 Gardening is one of the things that gives me complete joy. I can't help but overflow with happiness when I see my work develop into gorgeous blooms & food on the table. I feel calm & like everything is just as it should be & nothing can go wrong when I'm in one of my gardens. It's a great feeling. 

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