That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ginger Girl vs. Nightmare

Ginger Girl came down with a lovely virus Tuesday night. Along with the sore throat, fever, & headache, she had the one symptom that she's gotten every other time she was sick, no matter what she was sick with.

At 3 in the morning, a crying Ginger Girl was in my room, shaking from head to toe from a nightmare. Every single time she's sick, like a clock, I can count on her having a nightmare. Poor girl.

Wednesday morning as I was tucking Ginger Girl into all of my kids' favorite spot to rest when they're sick--my bed--she decided to tell me about her dream. It had to do with wild dogs coming into our fenced-in backyard & attacking her beloved little dog. As she tried to fight them off & save her dog, she pushed one of the big dogs in his chest. That push made the dog turn into a man.

With a determined, wrinkled brow & big, serious eyes, my beautiful 9 year old girl said, "So I kicked him where the sun don't shine & got away."

I am 100% certain that this dream is also the way Ginger Girl will tackle life. I have no fears that this child will ever allow anything to get in her way.

Having 2 older brothers is good for Ginger Girl. The times I've yelled, "Don't kick him there!" or seeing the way they've collapsed, hands at crotch, when a rogue ball goes "where the sun don't shine" has taught her a thing or two. Such a smart girl, she turns that information around to how to use it in her favor when necessary.

I'm so proud. She's such a Mini Me.

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