That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Day of the Mysteriously Appearing Shrimp

While studying today I had to research an ailment that the hubs has. It's totally treatable & nothing overly serious, so when he feels like taking the time off of work, he'll get it done. While I was reading about it I sent hubby a chat message that I had to read about his particular circumstance:

hubby:  don't tell me [it's clear here that he knows me all too well & knew what was coming]

me:  you're going to die [exactly what he was expecting]

hubby: lol

 me:  i've moved on from "omg, i have this, i'm going to die " to "omg, he really does have this, i'm going to be a widow"
nursing school is oh so bad for me

hubby:  lol

 me:  Nursing school: the education gained while daily thinking you or a loved one has the ailment you are studying, thus living in daily fear of dying or becoming a widow. [I like that one. And I made it up myself.]

 hubby:  so true

After that I went on with my merry day, forgetting about my future widow status, & merrily got myself a coffee. Sitting in my truck, Nate Dogg & Warren G Regulatin' on my playlist (I'm stuck in the '90's, don't be hatin', haters), all sorts of life observances rambling about in my head, I took a sip of my coffee. That's when it happened. 

It. Happened.

I felt something fall onto my leg. 

I looked down...

This close to payday means this
not a Starbucks coffee.

Not sure what you're looking at? Let me help you with that.

Everyone knows coffee with cream & sugar
goes well with seafood. 

Why yes, Virginia, that is a shrimp tail. On my leg. Fallen from my just-bought coffee cup.

No, I don't know how it got there. Yes, I looked around to see if...I don't know what. But I looked around the parking lot 'cause that's what you do when you don't understand what just happened. No one explained to me why a shrimp tail fell off the bottom of my cup & I do believe at one point I Prince Faced the store I just bought my coffee from. 

Like this. 

' know...shrimps don't belong on coffee cups. And then I laughed ''s really funny to find shrimps on coffee cups. 

So here's my problem. At this store you get your own coffee. You pull the cups out of a hole in the wall (why does that sound so bad?) that is at about my thigh level & sticking straight out of the wall. If there was a shrimp tail on the bottom of my cup...#1 how did I not notice it?...#2 how did I not knock it off when I grabbed the cup?...#3 how did I not knock it loose while setting it under the various coffee & creamer machines I used?...#4 or when I carried it to the counter, set it on the counter, carried it outside? #5 at least it wasn't in my cup....#6 the poor guy who drank out of the cup before me...

I have never before stored shrimps in the visor of my truck, nor have I ever stuck them into the roof of my truck, so I can guarantee it did not fall from above me. Though I did look just to see if I would be receiving more gifts such as this one shriveled up meatless shrimp tail. 

After all of that today, tonight I had this chat with the hubs after sending him an email: 

me:  i accidentally sent you a recipe that was supposed to go to me
i just automatically put your name in it instead of mine

hubby:  thought that was odd
like "hint, make this tomorrow"

 me:  send it back!
i knew you would think it was that lol
give it back to me!!
you can't keep that

hubby:  (or check your sent?) lol
ok, I sent it back 

me:  no, it was easier to tell you to do it

hubby:  lol

me:  i did check my sent
when it didn't come back to me i saw i sent it to you
so i yelled at you to send it back
crisis fixed

hubby:  lol

What a day.

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