That's Me

That's Me

Monday, February 18, 2013

Coal Mines & Cannons

I never claimed to be an expert of everything but it's obvious I pretty much am. Sometimes I surprise myself.

In the car last night...

Hubby: Do they have a better way to get the coal in coal mines now than with pick axes?

Me: Yeah. They have mini cannons strapped to their heads. The guy behind them lights the cannon, the bomb goes into the wall.

Hubby: Wow.

Me: Yeah. That's why you never see just 1 guy go into a coal mine by himself.

Hubby: He can't light his own cannon.

Me: Exactly. That's dangerous.

Hubby: He'd light his own head on fire.

Me: It happens. Always go in the coal mines with the buddy system.

Hubby: Do you think coal mines are well-lit now or are they dark like you see in old pictures?

Me: Well, yeah, when the bomb goes off they're bright for [hubby finished my sentence for me]

Hubby: about 3 seconds?

Me: You know me so well.

He knows me so well that he can even finish my sentences that are full of b.s. We were meant for each other.

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