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That's Me

Friday, January 4, 2013

My Week In Pictures 01/04/13 Bonus Video

The other night I took the girls shopping to spend their gift cards from Christmas. 2 girls, 13 & 9 year olds, with gift cards may sound like fun, but after a's not.

I know they got their "get the most for my $$" mentality from me & all my lessons on the value of a dollar, but dang, I did too good of a job teaching them this.

They would find things they liked, get to their gift card limit, then decide to keep looking in case they found something similar but cheaper. After 2 hours in 1 clothing store, I finally told them my mind was going to explode from calculating all the sale prices plus the various discounts posted throughout the store, adding tax to their amounts, deducting this shirt & adding this pair of jeans...they had 5 minutes more & what was in the cart was what they were buying. I still had 2 more stores to go, had drank all of my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, & was melting.

Ginger Girl surprised me & actually spent part of her gift card on her bff. The first 2 things she picked out made her think of her friend & she wanted to get them for her. That's a really sweet kid right there, folks.

Here is Blondie in the outfit she got with her gift card from Mom 2...

"Thank you for the shirt,
belt, & jeans, Grandma!"

After shopping for 3 1/2 hours, I just didn't feel like grocery shopping so I told the girls to come up with dinner & I would buy whatever they came up with. My brain was that fried. Blondie wanted Spaghetti Tacos. Yes, she is an iCarly fan & no, we have never eaten them before. 

Okay, simple enough. No drive through, no grocery shopping, easy to make & had the stuff at hand. Hubby was not as eager to try the new dinner as the girls were...

"You just put pasta, meat, & sauce
in my taco shell...?"

The girls on the other hand...

nom nom nom
nom nom nom

nom nom nom

...loved them. I have weird kids. I don't mingle my food, because that's just gross & the world would end but I did take a bite of one. It was very...different.

She got a whole lotta cheese
When Ethel came over with her kids for dinner on New Year's Eve Eve, we went totally high class with the hors d'oeuvres: spray cheese on crackers & pigs in a blanket. Ethel's daughter wanted a cracker with "a lot of cheese"...

Hubby was way too excited about the child's face masks in Ethel's pocket...

Michael Jackson impression

Michael version

On New Year's Eve Blondie, Ginger Girl, & I made a Hello Kitty gingerbread house...

No matter what I do with this picture,
it just won't post correctly.
Tilt your head & you'll be fine.

We're awesome!

Yesterday I had some dental work done & my kids thought my frozen face was the funniest thing they'd ever seen....

I don't see what is so funny...

And I am so very lucky that my sweet little children decided to invoke revenge upon me from all the times I have taken pictues & video of them while numb from Novocaine because I have plenty of myself now. 

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