That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meggings, Furry Hats, Wine

I started out my weekend by sending the hubby man a chat message & a screen shot of the TV Friday morning. I told him I could buy him what he's always wanted--a pair of leggings to match mine. I knew how thrilled he would be to know that he can finally dress like me & we can be That Couple that matches our outfits perfectly.

He wasn't thrilled. He may have said something about leaving me.

I knew that he just wasn't getting what I was saying & how exciting this was for him & for the male species as a whole. It's officially okay to dress as Robin Hood! In public! So I sent him a screen shot of the TV.

See? I wasn't lying. 

I was very excited to know about the new fashion trend for men. I was not as thrilled to view so much of the model on the left's package. In fact, the lady on GMA even told him he needed a longer shirt with his meggings. How would you like to hear that on national television with your Mom & her bff's watching? Ew.

Hubby still wasn't as thrilled as he should have been. We could be all full of awesomeness with our matching black leggings & long purple shirts . What person, man or woman, doesn't want to match their spouse from head to toe?

Okay, seriously, meggings made me gag. No man should wear them. And I definitely do not want to ever match my hubby head to toe. Matching couples irritate me. Meggings gross me out. End of story.

Instead of an awesome pair of leggings to match mine, hubby found this while shopping...

Back off, girls, he's all mine.

...and wanted to buy it. I have no idea if he was serious or he was just saying that as payback for the whole meggings conversation from the day before, because I turned around & walked away from him. Fast.

The fake-fur ear flap hat is oh so flattering with his wool coat. Mmm...who could resist that? So much better than meggings, don'tcha think? And the 1 crossed eye with crooked mouth...yeah baby!

We went to one of our favorite places to get still-mooing steak (hers) & rare tuna (his) & we each got a glass of wine with dinner. I finally found the best wine glass ever! 


The Merlot & the Moscato cost the same, but dang, you get your money's worth with the Merlot at this restaurant. I took this picture after we had already drank some, so the glasses were containing more than this when they came to our table. They didn't just pour a smaller glass's contents into a large glass, no sir. I've seen some big wine glasses but never one that holds 3 bottles or something like that.

Even though the guy won't dress like Robin Hood & he sneaks some odd looks into pictures at the last second, I kinda sorta like this hubby man. He knows how to make me laugh &...well...he always offers me the first & last bite of his dinner. He's a keeper.

Unless he actually buys some meggings.

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